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American Horror Story: Cult – Everything We Know so Far

Evan Peters fans will be pretty pleased with the latest news


    American Horror Story has become a bit hit or miss over the last couple of years. While we initially fell in love with the debut series, we found that things began to feel a bit stale during Freak Show and totally gave up midway through Hotel (sorry megafans). However, with the recent tidbits being released about the new series, American Horror Story: Cult, it definitely looks like something we may just have to get back on board with.

    American Horror Story started its run with the spine-tingling Murder House back in 2011, going from strength to strength over the years. However, the show saw a dip in numbers during Freak Show and Hotel, with a lot less fans than it had enjoyed in recent years. The creators, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, knew they had to pull something out of the bag to keep viewers on their toes – and we’re really hoping Cult could be it.

    american horror story cult

    Last week, it was revealed that the show would be called Cult, and a rather terrifying trailer was released along with the news. Now, Ryan Murphy has revealed a little bit more information about the upcoming series in a Twitter Q&A. We now have character names for everyone’s favorite Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, who will be called Kai and Ally. Ryan also promised a lot “more Evan” than in previous series, saying this series will be his “heaviest season yet,” which has got us all hot under the collar.

    Ryan shared this sketch of Kai and Ally on Instagram, with Evan sporting some rather interesting blue hair, and hinting at a possible relationship between the pair.

    Ally and Kai in CULT…a love story for the ages.

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    The other bit of juicy gossip we have is that the season will be set in Michigan, which is thought to possibly tie into the election theme considering Michigan was a key battleground state. All of the information we have so far is looking rather promising for AHS: Cult – let’s just hope they get it right!

    Watch the trailer below (but maybe not if you don’t like clowns)…

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