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12 Celebrities Who Were in Power Rangers Before They Were Famous

The Yellow Power Rangers especially seem to all have gone on to become big stars…

    Let’s be honest, we all love the Power Rangers franchise. Sure, there were some dodgy movies and TV thrown into the franchise at various points in its life, but we all go through some awkward stages in our lives. But the reality was… we just really, really, really wanted to be a Power Rangers. We can dream. But these guys didn’t dream. Take a look at these 12 celebrities who were in Power Rangers before they were famous….

    Bryan Cranston – Then

    Everyone knows of Bryan Cranston voicing Zordon in the new Power Rangers movie, but not many people know that his new role would be the second time he lends his voice to the Power Rangers franchise. Before he became the super famous actor he is today, Cranston worked under the pseudonym of Lee Stone, and voiced many characters within the series, like Twin Man and Snizzard. How cool.

    Bryan Cranston – Now

    Nowadays, Bryan Cranston is a force to be reckoned with. One of his first major acting gigs was on Seinfeld, before landing a main role in Malcolm in the Middle. And you might not know this, but he also starred in this little series called Breaking Bad. You may have heard of it, or you might not. It was pretty small….

    Michael Copon – Then

    As you can tell from the incredibly staged photo (what’s he doing with his mouth?) Michael Copon played the Blue Ranger. He starred in Power Rangers: Time Force as Lucas Kendall and did a pretty good job… considering it was Time Force. But he’s definitely made up for it.

    Michael Copon – Now

    Since his time on Power Rangers, Michael Copon has filled his resume up a huge amount. He has appeared on One Tree Hill, That’s So Raven, Scrubs, Bring it On: In It To Win It, Night of Demons, Beyond the Break and so much more. He hasn’t been short of work, that’s for sure.

    Amy Jo Johnson – Then

    Ahhh, the Pink Power Ranger – because we only really know them by their color. And everyone loved the Pink Power Ranger, and soon Amy Jo Johnson became eponymous with the Power Rangers franchise. Oh, and the Ranger’s name was Kimberly, if you didn’t know.

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