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You Can Now ‘Chill Out’ With White Walkers In This Epic New Game Of Thrones Ice Hotel

Winter is really here, y’all


    It’s no secret that here at RetroEnt, we love to just sit inside, avoiding all human life (people suck), with a TV box set for company. Yep, all we need is a tub – or ten – of Ben and Jerry’s, a few bags of popcorn, a snuggly robe, a comfy couch, and Kit Harrington to make us happy. Yet, there are a few *very rare* moments where we do like to have a shower, brush our hair, put on some acceptable clothes, and venture into the outside world. However, it has to be worth it…and this new Game of Thrones hotel is SO worth it.

    A Game of Thrones Ice Hotel is Here

    Yep, inspired by the colder aspects of Game of Thrones, the Lapland Hotels SnowVillage has teamed up with HBO Nordic to bring the TV show to life. Although they offer an ice hotel every year, this year they have made it extra special by added a few finishing touches. Located in Kittilä, Finland, the ice hotel can be found just a short flight away from Helsinki – and believe us, it is totally worth the trip.

    Check Out This Game of Thrones Ice Hotel

    The 200,000-square-foot ice hotel is made up of around 44 million pounds of snow, and 771,000 pounds of ice (obviously), and they offer 24 hotel rooms for Game of Thrones fanatics to rest their head – although you might want to bring a jacket or two. Luckily, you won’t need to pack too many thermals as they offer you complimentary towels, pillows and sleeping bags. However, that isn’t the piece-de-resistance of the Game of Thrones Ice Hotel. Inside the hotel are epic hints to the greatest TV show on earth (you know it’s true). You can settle your behind on an Iron Throne made entirely of snow, you can check out the Hall of Faces, you can feast your eyes on giant dragon sculptures, and you can fall into the land of nod with a humongous White Walker looking down on you (okay, kinda creepy). As if that wasn’t enough to get your credit card out right now, the hotel also offers an awesome Ice Bar, an Ice Restaurant and and Ice Chapel. I mean, we’re sold.

    There's A New Game of Thrones Ice Hotel And We've Already Booked Our Rooms

    The Ice Hotel is only available until April 8, 2018 (because, y’know, it’s gonna melt) and will cost you around $200 per night. Sound good to you? You can book a room here.

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