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WATCH: The New Gorillaz Band Member Is From Our Favorite Retro Cartoon!

We wonder how Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup will feel about this?


    Ladies and gentlebeans, if you’re a fan of the epic virtual band, Gorillaz, then it’s safe to say that today is your lucky day! Yuh-huh, we really are spoiling you today because we have not one… but TWO bits of Gorillaz news for you. The first? Well, you’ve be happy to know that they are officially back with new music, and it is siiiiiiiiiick (the good kind of sick, not the icky sick). The band is getting ready to release their sixth music album to the world, and The Now Now will be released on June 29. However, we told you there were two bits of news, and we never like to disappoint, so you might be even happier to know that they have finally replaced Murdoc, and the new Gorillaz band member is from our favorite retro cartoon.

    If you’ve been keeping up with the Gorillaz, you’ll know that Murdoc is currently unavailable for all band purposes. Yep, the naughty little blighter has once again found himself in jail for making deals with demons (what a numpty) and a little thievery here and there. Although this left the rest of the virtual band with a #FreeMurdoc campaign and an empty space in their ranks, it seems they have managed to find a replacement pretty sharpish. In fact, their new recruit has even made an appearance in their brand new music video, Humility, alongside the one and only Jack Black. See if you can spot him…

    We’ll give you a clue. He’s green in color and is pretty darn cool. Mostly because he has the ability to generate ice and snow from the palm of his hands. Do you know who he is yet? It’s Ace!

    If you cast your mind back to your awesome Cartoon Network days, you might remember watching Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup totally rock the world in The Powerpuff Girls. While the ladies tried to save the world, Ace was the kinda villain who was trying to mess it all up. At the moment, there’s no news on whether Ace is now a permanent member of the group, or whether he will be switched back with Murdoc if he makes his way out from behind bars, but we have to say that we kinda love Ace. Sure, he’s a bit of a nuisance, but that’s what the Gorillaz is all about, right?

    WATCH: The New Gorillaz Band Member Is From Our Favorite Retro Cartoon!

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