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WATCH: Dave Grohl invites 12-year-old daughter onto the stage for epic Adele cover

It seems that talent runs in the family…


    Last year, our minds were well and truly blown when Dave Grohl invited his 8-year-old daughter, Harper, onto the stage to take over the drum kit during a set in Iceland. It’s fair to say that we were both equally impressed with her talent and pretty darn jealous that she seemed to have more talent in her little finger than we do in our whole body. But we’re not bitter, right? Well, it seems as though Dave Grohl has also passed on his talented genes (no, not the ripped ones he sports incredibly well) to his older daughter – which was shown when Dave Grohl invites 12-year-old daughter onto the stage.

    Yep, Violet may just be 12 years old, but she has already stolen all of our hearts with her soulful singing voice – and once again, we’re totally not bitter. The world was graced with this new talent when Dave Grohl invited his daughter onto the stage at the Notes & Words benefit in California on Saturday night. As Dave stepped back with his acoustic guitar, he let his daughter take the mic and sing Adele’s famous song, “When We Were Young.” Man oh man, it’s gooooooood. We reckon The Foo Fighters might have found their match…

    Although we would have been quite content with hearing Violet sing the rest of their set, Dave wanted to give the rest of his family and the rest of his band (they’re kind of famous, you might know them) the chance to steal the show. So, The Foo Fighters continued to play their epic songs, such as “Everlong,” “My Hero,” “Learn To Fly,” “Times Like These,” and “Best Of You” – but Violet wasn’t done just yet. She was later joined by her younger sister, Harper, as they joined their rock star dad one more time to sing their epic rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Their family events must be incredible. Can we get an invite?

    With talent like theirs, we can only imagine a bright future for both Harper and Violet. Could we be seeing an all-female Foo Fighters in the future? We’d be so down for that.

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