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The Wonder Woman Sequel Now Has An Official Title And An Old Familiar Face?

Erm, can anyone explain this one to us?!


    There are very few things in life that we love wholeheartedly. We love retro news (*wink*), we love donuts, and we love Marvel. Not always in that order, it depends on how hungry we are. So of course we’ve been waiting for news about the Wonder Woman sequel since we went to see the first movie in the theater (yuh-huh, we did watch it 10 times, and wot?) We wanted to know what it would be called, and who the heck would be in it! Well, it seems we now have an answer to both of those questions, but the second answer wasn’t what we were expecting. It fact, it kinda defies the laws of, well, everything…

    Wonder Woman 1984 will feature Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

    The epic director of the Wonder Woman sequel, Patty Jenkins, let slip the news on her Twitter page, and it’s safe to say that the world went wild. Naturally, we dusted off our giant ‘W’ headband and wore it around the office for the day in celebration of the momentous occasion. However, Jenkins wasn’t the only one who wanted to tease her fans – because Gal Gadot also got in on the action and posted a still of the new movie on her own Twitter page. It was in these stills that we found out the official name for the Wonder Woman sequel. Do you wanna know? Are you sure? I mean, we can forget about it if you want? Just kidding, drum roll please!

    Wonder Woman 1984!

    Holy macaroni! Of course, we already knew that the new sequel would take place during the Cold War period, but seeing the official name written down in the flesh/pixels of a phone screen is pretty darn exciting. While you’ve probably had enough Wonder Woman excitement for the day, we’re afraid it’s not over just yet, because Patty Jenkins had some other news to shout about it, and it involved a familiar face…

    No, your eyes really aren’t deceiving you, that is Steve Trevor AKA Chris Pine AKA Chris Fine! Yep, we’re scratching our heads too. Didn’t Steve… you know… go to sleep with the fishes in the first movie? How the heck is he still alive? Can anyone help us with this one?

    Wonder Woman 1984 is set to be released on November 1, 2019.

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