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The Reviews Are In! Check Out What The Critics Have To Say About Solo: A Star Wars Story

Don’t worry, there are no #SpoilerAlerts in this article, you’re safe!


    Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Tatooine for the past few decades, you’ll know that we *kinda* love Star Wars here at RetroEnt. Yuh-huh, Star Wars has literally given us more joy than we can put into words, and we’ve since been taken on a journey through space on ridiculously awesome spaceships that have made us want to scrap our hunk-a-junk cars and trade them in for a Millenium Falcon. Because of this, we have been waiting patiently for the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise to come into our lives… and the wait is now over! Solo: A Star Wars Story is now in movie theaters, and the critics have had their say.

    Solo: A Star Wars Story follows the life of Han Solo (#shocker) during his early years. As he makes his way through the dark criminal underworld, Han Solo soon finds himself on a mission to become the greatest pilot in the land. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Solo finds his missing puzzle piece when he befriends his future co-pilot, Chewbacca. Of course, there’s much more to this movie than meets the eye, but in an attempt to keep you free from spoilers, we’ll let you watch it for yourself!

    The Reviews Are In For Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Critics from around the world have now made their way to movie theaters watch this movie and give you a low-down of what they think. So far, Solo: A Star Wars Story has racked in a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – which is less than we expected. Awkward. Take a look at what these critics had to say:

    It doesn’t feel like a cohesive piece, so while it’s at times charming, and does get off the ground in the last act, the getting there is extremely bumpy. – Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service

    But the neutral news about “Solo” is exactly that, it’s dramatic neutrality. Time ticks by at a drifty pace while lots of action of no great consequence grinds on. – Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

    Like Han Solo himself, Solo is rough around the edges. Under the grime, though, is a fun romp through space that’s more lighthearted than you might expect from Star Wars. – Britton Peele, Dallas Morning News

    Solo: A Star Wars Story reviews are in!

    Although it’s always good to see what the critics have to say about Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s probably best to just check it out yourself and see what you think.

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