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The LEGO Movie: The Second Part: Everything You Need To Know

Are you ready to return to Bricksburg?


    Do you love Lego? Do you love movies? Well, put them together and you’ve got a pretty awesome franchise. The first Lego movie came onto our screens in 2014, and there’s a high chance that all of your childhood dreams came into one. There were epic lego constructions, there were cool and quirky characters, and there were bright lights and hilarious puns. It was a hoot. Then we had the two spinoffs, The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lego Ninjago Movie, and all was right in the world. Yup, well now we have a fourth movie, and boy is this a good one. Here’s everything you need to know about The Lego Movie: The Second Part.

    What is it about?

    The Lego Movie: The Second Part takes us all back to Bricksburg, which is pretty good because we were kinda missing that place. Taking place five years after the events of the first movie, the people of this city have all moved on with their lives. They’ve got older, they’ve got wiser, and they’ve even added a few more bricks to their houses (after all, it’s not hard. They’re made of Lego, duh). However, although Bricksburg may look like the ideal vacation destination, this city is actually at the mercy of the ruthless Lego Duplo invaders. Can Emmett and the gang defeat the alien invaders and restore Bricksburg to its former glory? You’ll have to watch to find out.

    Who is in it?

    This sequel will bring some of our favorite Lego characters back into our lives, and for that, we will be forever thankful. Chris Pratt will reprise his role as Emmett, and he will be joined alongside Elizabeth Banks (Lucy), Will Arnett (Batman), Tiffany Haddish (Queen Watevra), Stephanie Beatriz (General Mayhem) and Alison Brie (Unikitty). Basically, all of the gang are back together.

    Why all the hype?

    Much of the hype surrounding this movie comes from the fact that the first movie and the spinoffs have been so successful. Almost everyone fell in love with the concept, and the all-star cast is just hard to beat. As if that wasn’t enough, critics have already released their reviews of the movie, and they are pretty darn good. Yuh-huh, the 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t lie. The hype is totally real with this movie.

    When is it out?

    The Lego Movie: The Second Part makes its way into theaters on February 8, 2019. Take your kids to see it for a little February treat. Take your mom to see it because you love her. Take your significant other to watch it on Valentine’s Day, because who said romance was gone?