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The Final Wish: Everything You Need To Know

From the creator of Final Destination, we have Final Wish…


    So here’s a question for ya; are you a fan of the Final Destination franchise? If you just screamed “UH, YAS” into your screen, then you’ll love this new movie. Carrying on with his love of using the word “final” in his movies, Jeffrey Reddick has decided to dip his toe back into the movie waters and provide us with another film to obsess over for years to come. Yep, here’s everything you could possibly need to know about The Final Wish – but don’t worry, we’re not about that spoiler life.

    What’s it about?

    From what we know so far, The Final Wish is not for the fainthearted (or those who don’t like creepy movies that make you jump out of your skin). This horror follows the life of Aaron Hammond, a young man who is struggling with the recent loss of his father. To mourn his passing and to help his family deal with the grief, Aaron makes his way back to his hometown – a place he had left many years ago, and for good reason. While battling his own struggles with being back in the place where it began, Aaron also has to muster the courage to sift through his father’s belongings and decide what to do with it all. In the end, he stumbles upon an item that offers more than meets the eye, and his life changes forever. Yes, that really does deserve a DUN, DUN, DUUUUN.

    Who is in it?

    Although The Final Wish isn’t a major Hollywood blockbuster, they’ve managed to find an impressive cast selection to see this movie through to the realm of legends. Lin Shaye takes on the role of Kate Hammond, the grieving widow, and Michael Welch becomes Aaron Hammond, our leading man. These two actors are also joined on the screen by Melissa Bona, Spencer Locke, and Tony Todd.

    Why all the hype?

    Of course, much of the hype surrounding this movie is actually surrounding Jeffrey Reddick and his team. He has been able to join forces with many of the names who brought us The Final Destination franchise – and that’s hella awesome. The franchise is still one of the most famous movie series’ in the world, and if Jeffrey and his pals can add their own magic to this movie, then they’re automatically onto a winner. Thankfully, they’re not straying too far from what they know, because it’s all horror, baby.

    When is it out?

    The Final Wish makes its way into movie theaters on January 24, which means you really don’t have long to wait. Our suggestion? Grab your tickets to see this new horror, then take the week off work and binge-watch all of the Final Destination movies afterward. You know you want to.