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The Coolest News From E3 So Far!

Our geek senses are tingling right now…


    We’re never one to exaggerate (lol, we totally do) but the E3 event is more exciting than our birthdays and Christmas combined. We bet even Meghan Markle was more excited about this than she was her own royal wedding. See, we don’t exaggerate.

    Technically this is only the first day of the expo, and tech whizzes and gamers alike will announce new games and consoles between 12 – 14 June, but that hasn’t stopped them from dropping huge bombshells that have got our geek senses tingling. We know you’re probably so excited you can barely read right now, so we’ve decided to just make things a little easier for you. Here is the coolest news from E3 so far from all of the major names:


    • Here at RetroEnt, we love The Last of Us – so we’re pretty stoked that Sony has released their sequel to the world. Wanna know what’s even cooler? This game will give Ellie the lead role.
    • Ghost of Tsushima. It’s set in Japan and features samurai swords and ghosts. Need we say more?
    • PlayStation 5. Okay, so we’ve yet to hear anything about this highly anticipated console yet, but we’ll keep you updated!

    Fallout 76 confirmed at E3


    • Fallout 76. YASSSSS, this is finally happening! This online Fallout game will be available to play (okay, totally obsess over) in November 2018.
    • Wolfenstein: Youngblood. If you love the Wolfenstein video game series, you’ll be happy to know that there is a brand new addition to the series, and this one takes place in the ‘80s!


    • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It seems there is a new Assassin’s Creed gameplay trailer release during every E3, and we’re not complaining.
    • Beyond Good & Evil 2. The trailer doesn’t give much away, but this sequel will feature Jade!

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey revealed at E3


    • Halo Infinite. Need we say anymore? We don’t know much about this one yet, but Master Chief could make an appearance…
    • Gears 5. Is there anyone who doesn’t love Gears of War? Apparently, this new installment with feature co-op play and split screen.

    Because we’re only a few hours into the expo, we’re assuming this is just the start of awesome news that will allow us to sleep soundly with our console controllers lovingly held to our hearts. So, we’ll keep you up to date with more news!

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