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Stephen King’s The Boogeyman Is Being Made Into A Horror Movie, And We’re Scared Already

Who’s ready to never sleep again?


    If you’ve sneezed at any point over the past few decades, you might have missed the fact that Stephen King is still the coolest person on this planet. Nope, that hasn’t changed one bit, and we are really considering renaming him Stephen King-Of-Everything (rolls off the tongue, right?). As well as writing some of the most iconic books of all time, this writer has also allowed his works to be transformed into Hollywood movies. Most recently, he induced our already-pretty-awful fear of clowns with his horror movie, It, and it seems he has a new project on the horizon. That’s because The Boogeyman is being made into a horror movie. Hold onto your pants, because this is going to be a scary ride.

    Stephen King's The Boogeyman Being Made Into Hollywood Movie

    Yuh-huh, Deadline announced the news on Tuesday that 20th Century Fox were in the process of finalizing a deal with King to adapt his 1973 short story into something worthy of a Skarsgård brother casting (just for the record, there has been no news on casting just yet, but we’re hoping for one of the brothers, because why not?). This story follows the life of a father who finds himself all of a tizz after his children are taken by a mysterious creature lurking in his closet. Sure, it’s pretty darn scary, and yeah, we have a feeling we won’t sleep for a week after watching this movie – but it’s a Stephen King story, so you know that we’re going to watch it anyway.

    So far, there is little other news about this incredible (yet frightening) turn of events, but it’s been confirmed that King has already found his scriptwriters in the form of Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. If you’re up to date on your movie knowledge, you’ll know that these two legends were the brains behind the John Krasinski movie, A Quiet Place. Considering this movie was a box-office hit, we have a feeling they will have a positive impact on this adaptation. After all, numerous people have tried and failed to bring this movie to life before! Beck & Woods confirmed the news on Twitter.

    As always, we’ll keep you updated on any new information. For now, it’s probably best you get a bit of sleep before this movie comes and ruins it…

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