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NBC Has Confirmed The Cool Cool Cool Cool News That Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Not Being Cancelled!



    If you’re a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then you’ll know this past weekend has been one helluva rollercoaster. We’ve drowned our sorrows with about 1,578 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s while crying hysterically under our pillow fort, and we’ve also been jumping up and down like a loon screaming “Noice! Noice! Noice! Noice!” at the top of our lungs when we discovered that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not being cancelled. Yep, it’s safe to say that we have felt all kind of emotion imaginable this weekend, but we now have NBC to thank for feeling like Amy Santiago when she buys a new ringbinder. AKA on top of the world!

    NBC Taking on Sixth Season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    On Thursday, May 10th, Fox broke all of our hearts when they confirmed that they were scrapping the greatest sitcom of all time (you know it’s true), Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They made the tough decision after the ratings for the Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher comedy started to fall as the seasons went on – and with just 2.7 million viewers for its latest season, they just couldn’t take the risk. Naturally, the world wasn’t impressed. The cast members started writing emotional goodbyes to their friends and fans on social media, we were all crying into our life-size cardboard cut-outs of Boyle, and we were all eating our feelings in honor of Scully. It was truly a tough time. Yet, if there’s one thing Jake Peralta has told us… it’s that you should NEVER give up on your dreams. So, Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans across the world kicked up a fuss to see if their voices would reach as far the Fox executives, to see whether they would budge with their decision.

    Yeah, they didn’t. But don’t worry because it’s not all bad news!

    Just one day after Fox announced their plans to axe the show completely, the legends at NBC confirmed that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not being cancelled. In the words of Jake Peralta… Smart! Robert Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC Entertainment, had this to say:

    [Brooklyn Nine-Nine] fits into our brand of comedy in many ways better than it fits into Fox’s brand of comedy… It’s also one of the few comedies in recent years that does a robust international number, and it has a syndication upside, which a lot of shows don’t have anymore.

    Of course, we’re overjoyed, but we’re going to leave our parting words to the man himself, Captain Holt…

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not being cancelled!

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