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Mel C Ruins Our Hopes and Dreams of a Spice Girls Reunion (Again!)

Why won’t they just give us what we want (what we really, really want)?


    Some may say that there are better bands than the Spice Girls. We say those people are wrong; the Spice Girls were one of the best things to come from the ‘90s. And if you disagree…well, you just need to Spice Up Your Life.

    The Spice Girls are one of the most famous Quintets in the history of music – made up of Posh Spice, Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, Sporty Spice and Baby Spice. A.K.A Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Geri Halliwell (now Horner), Mel C and Emma Bunton. When they disbanded, and all pursued their solo careers in the early ‘00s, well…we shed a few tears.

    That’s why, when the group formally announced a reunion in 2007, Spice Girl fans were more than a little excited. They embarked on a sell out tour and recorded a comeback single, but the dream fell short when the girls disbanded again in 2008 due to their family commitments.

    Since then, the world has been on tenterhooks, waiting for another Spice Girls reunion. But once again, those dreams have been crushed by none other than Sporty Spice herself.

    Last year, both Mel C and Victoria Beckham refused to take part in the Spice Girls reunion, which forced the other women to create their spin-off band, G.E.M. After their performance at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, Victoria decided that her time with the Spice Girls was over. But it seems that Mel C is now on the same page, deciding that the Spice Girls can only really work if there is five of them. She has said,

    I’m not saying that I would never perform with the girls again because you really don’t know what the future holds – but at this point, I think it really only could be five. Our individuality is our strength, so with somebody missing, it’s not complete…

    Rumors of a Spice Girl reunion have dominated social media and news reports nearly every year since the ‘00s, and last month, Mel C appeared with British show host, Davina McCall on the Nightly show to address these rumors, saying that getting the band back together with four members just wouldn’t do the band justice.

    We get why Victoria is reluctant to get back with the group. She’s married to one of the hunkiest men in the world, David Beckham *swoon*, she’s a mother to the most adorable and talented children, and she’s an incredible business woman. But we really, really want a
    Spice Girls Reunion…so she just needs a bit of persuading.

    But we agree with Mel C, if we’re going to have a Spice Girls reunion, we want all or nothing. There needs to be the five of them. Here’s hoping…

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