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You Can Now Get Your Very Own TR-808 Drum Machine Thanks to This Roland Reboot

808s and heartbreak!


    Are you ready to get back into the 808 groove? Well, now you can. On 808 day (August 8. Clever, huh?) Roland gave us all the gift we’ve been waiting for – the TR-808 reboot. Yep, the iconic analog drum machine is back, but this time there are a few differences. (And yes, this will make you feel super nostalgic).

    Yesterday, Roland announced the release of their TR-08 drum kit, which will form part of its Boutique line (ooh, snazzy). The TR-08 will be slightly smaller than the original but will be a ‘detailed and faithful replica’ of the original TR-808, with all of the same functions, with a few new funky features added to the mix.

    tr-808 drum kit is back as the tr-08

    During the ‘80s, the TR-808 helped the likes of Run DMC, Whitney Houston, the Beastie Boys and Marvin Gaye top the charts with the drum kits hip hop beats. And today, artists like Yeezus (Kanye West), New Order and Damon Albarn all try and create the unrealistic and synthetic sounds that we all know and love. However, getting your hands on an original 808 isn’t easy, as the product had a very limited production run, with only 12,000 ever made! Luckily for us, the new TR-08 is nearly identical, with the modern twists we all need.

    In addition to all of the original sounds, functions, and buttons, the TR-08 reboot now incorporates a track-selectable trigger that allows you to work additional instruments and modular gear onto your soundtrack, a brand new LED display to allow greater tempo and shuffle control, and it gives the user the ability to control the tune, gain, and compression of the instruments. As if that wasn’t enough, the TR-08 also features 16 sequencer sub-steps for detailed drum rolls and patterns, AND it can be powered by USB or battery. I mean, we’re sold.

    tr-808 is back as the tr-08

    The Roland TR-08 drum machine joins the TR-09 machine (a homage to the TR-909) and the TB-03 (replica of the TB-303) in the Roland Boutique line and gives users the chance to wet their musical needs – ‘80s style. But with their new compact nature and their technological advanced ways, we can imagine these bad boys will be even more popular than the originals.

    We know what you’re thinking, where can you get one? The TR-08 is set to be released in September, and as yet Roland hasn’t specified an actual price. However, many stores are taking pre-orders for $440. So worth it.

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