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WATCH Paris Jackson and Millie Bobby Brown Slaying in New The xx Video

Go on, I dare you…


    In what is possibly the music video to end all music videos, The xx have just released a nearly 7-minute long basically entire movie for their single, ‘I Dare You’. Featuring Paris Jackson in Calvin Klein underwear and Millie Bobby Brown being as amazingly cool as ever, we have a feeling this music video could go on to break records.

    Millie Bobby Brown in the new The xx video for I Dare You

    Oh and as if Paris Jackson and Millie Bobby Brown weren’t just epic enough for you, the video also features appearances from Ashton Sanders (the insanely talented Moonlight actor) and the models Lulu and Ernesto Cervantes. Those eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed quite a lot of Calvin Klein product placement in the video, along with the fact that each of the actors has also been involved with the designer brand at some point in their careers. Yep, The xx have teamed up with CK for their ‘I Dare You’ video and we think it’s insanely cool.

    Raf Simons, the chief creative officer for Calvin Klein, worked with Alasdair McLellan (renowned filmmaker and photographer) to put this masterpiece together. McLellan also worked alongside The xx on videos for ‘Say Something Loving’ and ‘On Hold’, proving that they really are the dream team. The xx have called this video their “love letter to Los Angeles,” which is where they spent a lot of time writing and recording parts of their ‘I See You’ album.

    The nearly 7-minute long video begins with Millie Bobby Brown missing her shool bus, leaving her in the hands of her sister (Lulu Cervantes) who is also bunking school. The video itself has a seriously retro vibe to it (hence why we love it), and the song is easily something we could have on repeat in the office – pretty much like every song by The xx then! Watch it below and let us know what you think:

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