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WATCH: Nine Inch Nails Cover David Bowie For Their Epic Comeback

Nine Inch Nails + David Bowie = ❤️️


    Since their last performance three years ago, Nine Inch Nails have been pretty quiet on the live performances front (you know, apart from their EPIC performance on Twin Peaks a few weeks ago). But with the release of their new EP and new music, the band have come out of the woodwork with the most incredible comeback performance.

    The band took to the stage in Bakersfield, CA on Wednesday evening and paid homage to the legendary musician, David Bowie. They performed a haunting and mournful cover of the Blackstar cut, ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away.’

    This Bowie song was released two days before his passing and featured funky saxophone and turbocharged bass. However, Nine Inch Nails made the song their own by stripping it back and adding their own incredible vocals to a spooky back track. And it is bloomin’ amazing. Before Reznor started singing, he had this to say:

    We were in the studio kind of messing around and when [the news of Bowie’s death] hit, it felt like we needed to do something… to process it in some way. So we worked a song of his that gave us some sort of closure. We didn’t release it, but we will play it for you now tonight.

    Throughout his career, Reznor has been incredibly vocal on the influence the Star Man had on his own music and his life. In 2016, after the death, Reznor wrote an open letter for Rolling Stone.

    His music really helped me relate to myself and figure out who I was. He was a tremendous inspiration in terms of what was possible, what the role of an entertainer could be, that there are no rules.

    We think it was the perfect comeback. Check out the full song here:

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