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Take That Reunion Tour Could Finally Be Happening with Robbie Williams and Jason Orange

Could they be relighting their fire?


    This year marks 25 years since Take That first came into our lives – and what a wonderful time it has been. But over the course of their career, the band has been in disarray. In 1995, Robbie Williams left the group (and made thousands of fans cry for a week) to pursue his own solo career. The remaining foursome kept up the Take That brand, but it just wasn’t the same. Williams then returned in 2010 for their tour and Progress album – and then promptly left AGAIN (making thousands of fans cry for another week). And then disaster struck the band again in 2014 when Jason Orange decided to leave the band as well.

    take that reunion tour

    But it seems they could all be together again in the coming years.

    Gary Barlow has officially confirmed that Williams and Orange will not be joining himself, Mark Owen and Howard Donald in their 25th birthday celebrations – but a huge blowout may be on the cards for their 30th anniversary. He has said,

    We’re planning something big to do for the 30-year all together. We’re looking that far ahead, something big, maybe a new record, maybe a greatest hits with a big tour?

    Maybe both?

    At the moment, neither Robbie Williams nor Jason Orange has confirmed or denied anything, but we do know Williams has previously stated that he had no future plans to join the band again due to his own hectic lifestyle and career. But us Take That fans can dream.

    Howard Donald is being realistic about the matter; “A five-piece would be incredible. Whether that happens or not, that’s a different story.”

    Fingers crossed!

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