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Suge Knight Says He Knows Who Really Killed Tupac – Says They Were Really After Him

Suge Knight is keen to clear his name from the conspiracy theories


    When Tupac Shakur was shot dead on 13th September 1996, the world was in disbelief. His tragic murder meant the death of a legend and the end of the 2Pac era. But although he was tragically taken from the world too soon, he has had one of the most active careers post-mortem and has even headlined Coachella via holographic images and unseen footage.

    However, Tupac’s murder has always been shrouded in mystery and several conspiracy theories. One theory states that the FBI killed him and were responsible for Biggie Small’s death a few months after, and some even say that he faked his own death and is now living the life of luxury in New Zealand. We’re not too sure about that one, but good for him if he is.

    There is another theory that the founder, CEO of Death Row Records and passenger in the car when Tupac was killed, Suge Knight, was Tupac’s killer. It was reported that Tupac was trying to leave Death Row Records, and many believe this could be his motive.

    Knight, who is currently serving in prison for a hit and run in 2015, has recently come up with his own theory over Tupac’s death. His Affidavit that was written by his attorney reads,

    Knight has known for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. [the former Death Row Records security chief] and his ex-wife Shairtha were behind the murder of Tupac and attempted murder of Knight.

    Knight’s theory is that Sharitha, his ex-wife, was attempting to take over Death Row Records. She then supposedly tried to get rid of the main people involved in the company, knowing that she would inherit the company after his death. He alleges that Tupac’s murder was simply a mistake, and they were really out to kill him instead.

    Sharitha has since hit back at Knight’s claims, and blasted them as ‘stupid lies.’

    Of course, I did not kill Tupac. Does it sound like there’s any truth to it? It sounds really stupid to me. As far as me and Reggie plotting together, come on now – there was no plot between us I don’t even see him on a regular basis.

    Sharitha reports that these accusations of her being a murderer are doing nothing but hurting her and her family. She doesn’t believe any of the conspiracy theories but believes that Tupac was murdered by the main person of interest in the case – Orlando Anderson. It was reported that earlier on in the night of his death, a gang became involved in a fight with Tupac and his entourage. Anderson was a member of this gang. Sharitha said:

    Orlando Anderson killed Tupac that’s the bottom line to that story. It all stemmed from that stupid fighting in the casino. Why do they always have to come back to these theories?

    Looks like the conspiracy theorists will have to keep searching for an answer, because Sharitha is having none of it.

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