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Shania Twain Makes Her Comeback with Brand New Single

That Don’t Impress Me Much….JUST KIDDING we’re totes excited!!!


    After 15 years of waiting, we’re finally get Shania Twain back in our lives. And we’re so ready.

    Shania announced on her Instagram account yesterday that her new single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ has finally been released, and that her new album is available to pre-order (yep, we’ve already pre-ordered ours…)

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    We’re glad to see she’s still rocking the leopard print.

    Her new catchy and upbeat song is what you’d expect from a Shania Twain number, but the lyrics are still deep and meaningful – and sound as though she’s singing about her 2008 split from her husband, Matt Lunge. It’s also been reported that Shania’s son helped pick her combeack single from her new album. Cute!

    Shania Twain

    Shania wrote ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ herself and has said,

    It’s got a lot of conflict, but in a perfect way for me and my perspective of it, where it is very true to my life and my story and my thinking at the time. That very first lyrics, ‘I wasn’t just broken, I was shattered.’ This just doesn’t get any worse in my mind, emotionally. But then the chorus is really catchy, and there’s the irony of all these happy, cheerful voices in there.

    As Shania has written her whole ‘Now’ album by herself, we can expect to learn even more about Shania and her life (which really, is all we want in life. We love you, Shania). There’s no video yet, but you can listen to Shania’s new song here:


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