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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to Score New Roy Orbison – Along With Roy’s 10-Month-Old Grandson

This will be epic


    Roy Orbison is the latest musical legend to be immortalized with the Philharmonic Orchestra – with a great ‘little’ addition.

    In 2015 and 2016, Elvis Presley’s vocals teamed up with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to give us rearranged versions of two of his albums, and the world loved it. Now, they’re giving the same treatment to Roy Orbison.

    roy orbison royal philharmonic orchestra

    The new album will be entitled, A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and will feature fifteen of Roy’s most famous songs. Along with the input of the Royal Philharmonic, the album will also be produced and backed by Roy’s sons, and 10-month old grandson!

    Roy’s son’s Wesley and Roy Jr. will play guitar for the new recordings, and his son Alex will provide drum backing – and Roy III, Orbison’s 10-month old grandson, will play the tambourine and toy guitar for his grandfather’s album. How cute is that?

    Alex Orbison, the president of Roy’s Boys, has reported that,

    If ever there were a singer whose body of work benefits from a collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic it would be Roy Orbison. During the course of his career and after his passing it was constantly noted that his transcendent vocal ability made him something of an anomaly in the world of pop and rock.

    The new album is due to be released on November 3 in digital formats, CD, and vinyl. And here’s the tracklist:

    Running Scared
    Love Hurts
    Oh, Pretty Woman
    In Dreams
    I Drove All Night
    You Got It
    A Love So Beautiful
    Dream Baby
    Blue Angel
    I’m Hurtin’
    It’s Over
    Only the Lonely
    Mean Woman Blues

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