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Rolling Stones New Album in the Making Says Keith Richards and We’re STOKED

This would give us endless Satisfaction…


    In what is quite possibly the best music news since Sisqo released a remix of Thong Song, Keith Richards has announced that The Rolling Stones will be back in the studio “very shortly.” We have an eclectic music taste, okay…

    During the Q&A web series, “Ask Keith Richards,” he addressed the question on everyone’s lips… Will you be recording new stuff? The guitarist of the legendary band said that the group would soon be “cutting some new stuff and considering where to take it next” and that they would be recording new material imminently. He also admitted that their LP of blues covers, Blue & Lonesome, “caught us a little bit surprise,” talking of the success the album saw after its release in December 2016. While he divulged they wouldn’t necessarily be doing a second blues cover LP anytime soon, he did say that it wouldn’t take much convincing to do another in the future. Richards said:

    It’s such fun to record, and there’s plenty more where that came from.

    Yes, please! Earlier on this month, British grime sensation Skepta posted this Instagram photo of himself and Mick Jagger in the studio. While he didn’t divulge what they were recording (or who for) we’re kind of excited by the prospect that this could have been new Rolling Stones material. The band haven’t released any original material since the 2005 album, A Bigger Bang.

    @skeptagram and @mickjagger in the studio. Photo by @shaneaveli

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    While we’re sure that the Rolling Stones guys have plenty more in the tank to give, we’re still unsure as to when we can expect new music from them. Richards has said that they’ll be in the studio “very shortly” but we want more details. Will it be next year? The year after? Will it feature Skepta? Will there be more blues covers? C’mon guys, we NEED answers. For now, we’ll just have to whack out some of the old classics in anticipation because You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

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