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Rocket Man by Elton John Just got Reimagined at Cannes

The new video gives us all the feels


    “Rocket Man” is one of Elton John’s most iconic hits, and this new video will go down in history. We reckon it will be a long long time before anyone forgets this.

    The new video was an entry into a competition run by Elton John, his long-time musical collaborator, Bernie Taupin, and Youtube. The pair wanted to celebrate fifty years in the music business together, and to honor all that they have achieved – and give others the opportunity to get their own work out there at the Cannes Film Festival. They asked their entrants to re-imagine the music videos for some of their greatest hits, and they were pretty darn amazing.

    One of the winners was the re-imagined music video for “Rocket Man” by Majid Adin, who gave new meaning to the 1971 song. He told the story of his own life as an Iranian refugee, separated from his family, and traveling alone through a foreign country trying to find a safe place to stay. And Elton John was overwhelmed with his work.

    Majid’s story is so incredible that I just wanted him… What he’s made the film into is his journey from Iran to Turkey to Greece to Calais to London, and he’s made it into his whole journey.lovesloves

    There were also two other winners from the competition. Laura Brownhill and Jack Whiteley won the award for their sci-fi interpretation of “Bennie and the Jets” and Max Weiland won the award for his live-action street shots for “Tiny Dancer.”

    Take a look at them here:

    Bloomin’ amazing.

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