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Queens of the Stone Age Prove They’ve Still Got It With New Single “The Way You Used to Do”

They’re back, baby!


    Yep, you heard that right. Queens of the Stone Age are back, and their new song feels like they never left. The band formally announced their return to music yesterday with the release of their new single, ‘The Way You Used to Do’ from their brand-new Mark Ronson produced album, Villains.

    Queens of the Stone Age New Single

    The single first appeared on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, where lead singer and self-confessed ‘fallen libertarian’ Josh Homme spoke to him about the new album, which will debut nine songs all produced by in-demand record producer, Mark Ronson.

    However, Josh made it pretty clear that Villains is nothing to do with politics or current affairs.

    The title Villains isn’t a political statement. It has nothing to do with Trump or any of that s**t. It’s simply 1) a word that looks fantastic and 2)a comment on the three versions of every scenario: yours, mine, and what actually happened.

    He goes on to say,

    Everyone needs someone or something to rail against – their villain – same as it ever was. You can’t control that. The only thing you can really control is when you let go.

    Oooooh, and that’s why we love Queens of the Stone Age. Check out ‘The Way You Used To’ here:

    What do you think? We have a feeling it’s going to be one of the biggest belters this year!

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