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Morrissey Finally Sets Up a New Twitter and Sends Cryptic First Tweets

‘Spent the day in bed’


    On September 18, 2017 at 4:39 pm EST, the world stood still. All time ceased to exist. There was a moment. A wonderful, brilliant moment. And we peed our pants a little bit (just kidding). Yep, ladies and gentlemen, Morrissey joined Twitter. We’ll give you a moment just to process that.

    However, Morrissey isn’t the kind of guy to post a picture of his dinner, or his dog (although that would be pretty cool). Instead, he has marked his entrance into the Twitter-sphere with a load of cryptic tweets that have us all going, ‘huh?’

    Take a look at his first tweet:

    Yep, he literally just wrote, ‘Spent the day in bed.’ First of all, we were pretty excited that he was just like us (OMG, HE SLEEPS TOO?!) and then he posted his second tweet of the day:

    Okay, that one makes no sense. However, as time went on we began to realize that Morrissey wasn’t just slamming his hands on the keyboard and tweeting a load of nonsense. Instead, he was actually using his newfound Twitter fame for a bit of publicity.

    ‘Spent the Day in Bed’ is the name of his new single (so exciting – you can watch the official lyric video here) and the random letters were actually the acronyms of the American States that Morrissey will be visiting during his North American Tour. So smart.

    Morrissey rose to fame during the ’80s with the epic Hipster band, The Smiths, and is still one of the coolest men alive. However, his lack of social media presence over the past few years have left us all feeling a little sorry for ourselves. Thankfully, he’s now available for all of our social media addiction needs – although we hope he’s going to be posting a little more than cryptic tweets.

    Well done Morrissey, you’ve made yourself even cooler.

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