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Eagles Try to Sue a Real Hotel California and Twitter Reacts Accordingly

Twitter users never fail to let us down…


    When you think of the Hotel California, do you think of the Eagles song, or do you think of the Mexican Hotel? Well, the likelihood is that you think of the song. But it seems the Eagles are now trying to sue the little hotel in Mexico because of their name.

    Hotel California

    On May 1, 2017, the band filed a complaint against The Hotel California. In their complaint, they argue that the hotel ‘actively encourages’ their guests to believe that the hotel they are staying in is associated with the band and their song. It says:

    Defendants lead US consumers to believe that the Todos Santos Hotel is associated with The Eagles and, among other things, served as the inspiration for the lyrics in ‘Hotel California’ which is false.

    Within this lawsuit, the band is apparently seeking ‘a variety of damages and a halt to infringement.’

    Which we’d get – if the hotel was named The Hotel California AFTER the song was released. But it wasn’t. In fact, the Hotel was called this in 1950, whereas the Eagles song was released in 1976. During it’s lifetime, the hotel has gone through major changes – including it’s name – and changed back to The Hotel California in 2001.

    I mean, aren’t there better things to be doing? Don’t they have enough money? It seems we’re not the only ones who think this way, and Twitter users have had their say on the matter.

    Here are some of our favorites. Twitter, we love you.

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