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Gorillaz Are Getting Their Own TV Show… Because Why Not?

If you were already excited about the prospect of a new Gorillaz album, you’ll be even more excited about this


    With their ‘Humanz’ album release scheduled for April 28th, 2017, Gorillaz has been on a publicity tour, and have let a little extra Gorillaz news slip.

    During an interview with Q Magazine, Gorillaz revealed that the band now have a 10-episode TV show in the works. And if there’s any band which deserves a 10-episode TV show… it’s Gorillaz. And we’re pretty excited about it.

    Gorillaz made a name for themselves in the early ‘00s with their self-titled album that has since sold over 7 million copies, and they even have the Guinness World Record as the Most Successful Virtual Band.

    The animated aspect of the band is what makes them – them. They’re quirky, they’re wacky, yet the music is something special. They have gained a huge following for their band, and it’s said that there was even nearly a Gorillaz movie. In the interview, they spoke of said movie, which was in the works with Dreamworks, saying, “It was too dark to spend a couple of hundred million dollars on.”

    Despite this, the news of the TV show has sparked fan interest across the globe and is a definite publicity advantage for their new album. Speaking of their album, Gorillaz also reported in the interview that Morrissey almost appeared on the album, but ultimately turned down their offer.

    So far, they have released four of their songs, pre-album release, but they say that this album is just the beginning. In fact, there are another 40-45 Gorillaz songs that are currently in the works.

    We have one thing to say about this – we Feel Good Inc.

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