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Geri Halliwell Releases George Michael Tribute “Angels in Chains”

Ginger Spice is BACK!


    The former Spice Girl and now solo-artist, Geri Halliwell has awoken after 12 years of silence – and she is back with a bang! Her new solo single was written and recorded as a tribute to her idol and friend, George Michael, who died back in 2016.

    Geri Halliwell Angels in Chains Single for George Michael

    Throughout her life and career, Geri Halliwell struck up a close bond with George Michael, and she was deeply saddened by his death.

    I believe in times of trouble, and difficult times, we find out two things: What we’re made of, and who our friends are. My relationship with George started out as a fan, but every time I had a little bit of difficulty he stepped up for me. When I left the Spice Girls, I went to live with him. I stayed for a long time.

    Geri Halliwell also goes on to say that she always went to George when she needed advice, or an opinion on her music. He offered her honest and constructive criticism, which was exactly what she wanted. At the time of George Michael’s death, Geri was eight months pregnant, and riddled with emotions.

    I didn’t know what to do with my feelings. I was in the middle of writing an album and heavily pregnant. I sat on my bed and just wrote the lyrics out.

    But as soon as she finished writing her tribute, Geri found herself at a crossroads. At this point, she would have taken her song to George Michael – but she couldn’t. Instead, Geri decided to take her demo to Chris Porter, George’s long-time producer. Porter found the song incredibly moving and perfect to honor George’s life, and even insisted she use George Michael’s ‘musical family’ of backing singers to appear on the track. You can listen to the track below…

    Angels in Chains is out now, and all profits from the single will go to Childline – one of George Michael’s favorite charities.

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