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Eurovision Song Contest Winners – Where Are They Now?

Some of them made it big!

    Ahhhh, the Eurovision Song Contest. The one day of the year where many of the European Countries (and Australia, apparently) come together and celebrate the cheesy world of pop. Best day ever, right? Each year, we love to watch the new performers and guess along with who will win the title. But what ever happened to the previous winners of the contest? Well, here’s a few of them. Check out the Eurovision Song Contest winners, then and now.

    1956, Lys Assia – Then

    1956 saw the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in history which was held in Lugano, Switzerland. The host country was pretty lucky that year, considering their singer, Lys Assia won the competition for them. She sang her song “Refrain” and will always go down in history as the first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Go, Lys!

    Lys Assia – Now

    Lys Assia is now known as the Queen of Eurovision and normally appears at some point during each Eurovision Song Contest as their guest of honor. Assia released her last album back in 2008, but still sings and performs for her adoring fans today. And considering she’s now 93-years-old, Lys Assia looks just as beautiful as she did back in 1956.

    1960, Jacqueline Boyer – Then

    Jacqueline Boyer took the world (well, more the European continent) by storm in 1960, when she performed on behalf of France in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song, “Tom Pillibi” proved incredibly popular, and she secured a second win for France.

    Jacqueline Boyer – Now

    After her time on the contest, Boyer went on to become a well sought after actress and singer and appeared in many TV series and films in France and Germany. And apparently, she’s still recording her music today at 76-years-old! You just can’t stop the beat…

    1967, Sandie Shaw – Then

    The United Kingdom is known for being pretty, well… pretty rubbish at the Eurovision Song Contest. But it’s important to remember a time when they did well. In 1967, Sandie Shaw secured the UK their first ever Eurovision win with her song, “Puppet on a String.” It may have something to do with the fact that she was already an established artist before the contest; she was well-known all across Europe.

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