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Brian May Releases New Queen in 3D Book of Unseen Photographs

Queen in 3D? Yes please!


    Brian May was one of the leading figures in the popular and (ridiculously) talented band, Queen. The guitarist was one of the men that brought us “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “We Will Rock You” – and we thank him for that. But Brian May also has some pretty peculiar talents and interests, and he now wants to share them with us in the best way possible.

    Aside from being an incredible guitarist, Brian May is also a Doctor. May completed his PhD in Astrophysics with the Imperial College London many years ago, and is fascinated with stereoscopic photos – which to us lesser mortals is basically 3D imaging.

    Now, May is combining his love for Queen and his love for 3D in an epic new 3D book which will include hundreds of photos of Queen, many of them never seen before.

    brian may queen 3d book

    The book will follow the life and career of the band members, and will show them in all kinds of different environments – on stage, getting ready, in their free time and in the recording studio, and is set to give us an in-depth insight into their awesome career. But it gets even better – the 3D effect will make it seem as if we’re actually there. Partying with Queen? Uh, yes please!

    May has since said:

    As soon as I started looking at these pictures I started to discover all kinds of memories in myself which i had no idea were still in my head Using the stereoscope and that feeling of being there… I find it so powerful.

    He has also said this new book is a dream come true for the stereoscope enthusiast. Nowadays, May runs the London Stereoscope Company where he sells, and collects the photos, the equipment, and where he published his book. He even calls himself a ‘stereoscope evangelist.’

    Well, whatever floats your boat, I guess.

    Queen in 3D has been released today, so it’s needless to say we’ve already put our order in… Buy your copy here.

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