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Bob Seger Finally Ends His Boycott by Adding Classic Albums to Streaming Services

For when you need some Old Time Rock and Roll on Spotify…


    Musical legend, singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist Bob Seger has finally taken a turn for the 21st Century – just about. Up until Friday, Bob Seger had been hesitant with the recent rise in technology, and online music streaming and downloads. Leading to him boycotting the whole thing (because apparently there was a time where you couldn’t buy musically digitally? Weird). Yet fans will now be happy to know that you can now buy and stream 12 of his classic albums on iTunes, Spotify, and other sites.

    Bob Seger Agrees to Start Streaming His Classic Albums in 2017

    Seger had become pretty adamant about his boycott and had previously explained that he doesn’t even listen to music online himself. However, as the number of artists who boycott technology continue to dwindle, he knew he had to cave eventually. Seger did not explain his decision in his statement, but he did say that this new move

    Offers one of the most sought-after catalogs for digital music distribution, uniting Seger fans around the world.


    This new development comes a week after pop star Taylor Swift finally released her whole back catalog of music onto Spotify – after years of feuds and accusations of shortchanging artists. Many other major artists have done the same, including The Beatles, who finally succumbed to technology advancement in 2015.

    However, we can only see this as a positive for Seger and the other artists who benefit from streaming sites such as Spotify – it’s a win-win situation for the big guy, and the little guy! Now, time to add some of his classics to our office playlist… Enjoy!

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