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Bob Marley Now Has His Very Own Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Called One Love

Sun is shining…The ice cream is sweet


    There’s only one thing we love more than Ben & Jerry’s – and that’s Bob Marley! Yesterday marked the 36th anniversary of Bob Marley’s death, and Ben & Jerry’s have celebrated his life in the best (and yummiest) way possible, for the times when ‘Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)’ for ice cream…

    Ben & Jerry’s have since released a press release confirming their new, limited edition ‘One Love’ ice cream flavor in honor of the reggae legend, and reported that ‘One Love’ will be a tasty mixture of banana ice cream, complete with fudge peace signs and graham cracker and caramel swirls. We reckon Marley would be proud of dem flavors, man.

    Bob Marley Ben and Jerrys

    The new flavor combination was chosen by the family of Bob Marley, and a percentage of the profits from the new ice cream will go towards a youth empowerment program based in Jamaica. The company have also released a promotional video for ‘One Love,’ saying that,

    The words ‘one love, one heart’…touches everybody in every language. That’s very connected to the kind of company we want to be. We don’t do it through music; we do it through ice cream.

    But this limited edition Bob Marley ice cream isn’t the first time Ben & Jerry’s have honored musicians. Previous flavors have included John Legend’s ‘Imagine Whirled Peace,’ Jerry Garcia’s ‘Cherry Garcia,’ Dave Matthew’s Band’s ‘One Sweet Whirled and Magic Brownies’ and Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road.’ And we reckon this one will be just as delicious.

    One love, one heart, let’s get together and eat ice cream…

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