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Bjork Announces New Album Coming ‘Very Soon’

It won’t be Oh So Quiet pretty soon…


    We’re all for wearing a swan dress to the Oscars, we’re all for producing wacky videos and cooking eggs, we’re all for her avant-garde musical style, we’re all for recording an album in a bat-infested cave (okay, maybe not so much that one) and we’re just all for Bjork in general. Basically, we love the weird and wonderful Icelandic singer. And kinda miss her. Thankfully, Bjork has now confirmed that she has a new album on the way!

    The last time we heard Bjork’s dulcet and husky tones through our airwaves was in 2015, after the release of her ‘Vulnicura’ album, where she collaborated with artists such as Haxan Cloak and Arca. Now, she’s teased her fans with a handwritten note on her official Facebook page – where she apparently goes by the name of ‘gork’ (just kidding, but that is some unusual handwriting).

    Bjork uses a handwritten note to announce her new album very soon

    Her note reads, ‘I am excited to share with you that my new album is coming out very soon. Warmthness, Bjork.’

    So far, the singer has not released any more information as to the release date of the album, or the title, but it can already be preordered from her official online shop (yep, already done).

    Although this new development in Bjork’s career has come as a welcome surprise, we had heard through the grapevine that Bjork was creating new music earlier this year. Andrew Thomas Huang, who has worked with Bjork on most of her iconic music videos had recently revealed that the singer had ‘already written quite a bit’ of her next album, and that is sounded ‘really future-facing.’

    I think it’s a bit too early for me to say at the moment, but, you know, Bjork’s already written quite a bit of it. We just want to evolve what we did in ‘Vulnicura,’ which was so personal and introspective. What I can say is this new album’s gonna be really future-facing, in a hopefully way that I think is needed right now. I’m excited. It will probably be utilizing more of my visual effects background as well.

    You do you, Bjork. We’re so ready!

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