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Barry Gibb Gets Security Disco Dancing at Glastonbury – VIDEO

Forget Saturday Night Fever, it’s all about the Sunday Afternoon Fever


    One-third of the iconic Bee-Gee’s group brought the house (well, field) down on Sunday afternoon during his ‘legends’ set at Glastonbury 2017 (wanna see what Glastonbury over the years look like? You’ll love this). 70-year-old Barry Gibb made his first appearance as a solo artist after the tragic death of his brother and fellow Bee-Gee members, Maurice and Robin.

    Barry Gibb rocking the crowd at Glastonbury 2017

    Despite this, Gibb proved himself to be the ultimate rockstar as he performed some of the Bee-Gees greatest hits, including ‘Stayin’ Alive,’ ‘Night Fever,’ ‘How Deep is Your Love’ and ‘Tragedy.’ But before he even began singing, festival-goers were up and ready for the ultimate 60s disco throwback, dressing up in their metallics, wide-collared white shirts, tight trousers and a heck load of hairspray. And the crowd rocked it.

    As soon as Gibbs began singing ‘Stayin Alive’ the crowd started singing, dancing and busting out some of the iconic dance moves from Saturday Night Fever – but they weren’t alone. The stage security team didn’t want to miss out on all of the fun either, so they wowed the crowd (and Gibbs himself) with their own dance moves. We have a feeling this was totally planned. Check it out:

    This looks like so much fun!

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