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Bananarama to Go On Tour For First Time in 30 Years! Here’s How to Nab Tickets

We’re ready to go bananas for Bananarama…


    Let’s be honest, we love a good cheesy pop tune – and Bananarama provided us with some of the cheesiest cheese of the ‘80s, we’ve been having nightmares ever since (good ones though, about big hair, leg warmers and dungarees).

    As much as we loved Bananarama, we were pretty devastated when Siobhan Fahey ditched the group in 1988 to form Shakespeare’s Sister, because they were then one banana short of a bunch. Thankfully, Siobhan has now returned to her roots and has rejoined the band. In even more exciting news, her return has sparked a new lease of life in the band, and they will now be going on tour for the first time in 30 years!

    Bananarama to go on North American tour for the first time in 30 years

    The British girl group have confirmed that they will be touching down on US soil next February to grace their American fans with their music – the first time they have ever done so as the original trio. Bananarama had previously toured the UK, Europe and part of North America in their 1989 World Tour, but were then joined by Jacqui Sullivan, who left the group in 1991. So this is pretty darn exciting.

    So what made them change their minds and embark on a tour? Well, according to a recent interview, it all stemmed from a little dance around the kitchen. Keren Woodward has spoken to the Associated Press:

    We were having a dance around Siobhan’s kitchen a few years ago, and I said to her, ‘you just don’t understand the love and how it feels when you are getting your songs sung’ and I just thought it was such a shame she had never experienced it with us and it just seemed like a crying shame really.

    Bananarama reunite for North American tour
    She then went on to report that the band will be gearing up to start tour rehearsals this week.Their North American tour will start on February 20, 2018 in Los Angeles before making their way to San Francisco, Toronto, and New York. You can buy tickets NOW from their official website.

    You’ve got it, yeah baby you’ve got it!

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