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You’ll Never Guess Who Could be Playing Christopher Robin in the Winnie the Pooh Live Action Film

From Rent Boy to Christopher Robin


    Could there be anything better than a Winnie the Pooh reboot? Oh yeah, there is!
    If you didn’t know already, Disney is rebooting the well-loved Winnie the Pooh series and will be continuing the original movie in a live-action remake. And it seems they’ve found their Christopher Robin. Maybe.

    According to reports, Ewan McGregor (!!!!!!!!) is in talks with Disney to play the title role of Christopher Robin. But if you’re thinking Ewan’s a bit old to be playing a child, don’t worry, we thought that too. However, because the new movie will be a continuation, McGregor will actually be playing an adult, Robin. The movie will show Christopher Robin at a standstill in his life, and stuck in a rut as a suit-laden businessman – far from his days in the Hundred-Acre Wood and his animal friends – until his reunites with his anthropomorphic pals.

    The new movie will be simply titled, ‘Christopher Robin’ and will be directed by World War Z, Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland and Quantum of Solace director, Marc Forster. So we reckon this will be a bit different to our sweet childhood memories of the movie – but Pooh and our friends will be in good hands.

    Christopher Robin is still in it’s early stages, and the script is now being re-written for the third time, so there’s no set date on it’s release yet. But we’re super excited about Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin. Could there be a better fit?

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