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You Can Now Watch Disney Movies ANYWHERE You Go!

Life = Complete?


    There’s nothing we love more than watching a good Disney movie – because really, does life get any better than watching cartoon animals frolic around and sing happy songs? Answer: nope. However, up until recently, it had been pretty difficult to get our hands on our latest Disney fix, because we’d either have to buy the DVD (and who really does that any more?) or hope that Netflix or your cable provider were feeling nice that month. Thankfully, there is now one streaming platform to rule them all.

    For the past three years, Disney have been providing Disney fans with a digital movie locker that allows them to store all of their Disney movies on one platform. But now, they’re expanding their empire even further – which means you will be able to watch your favorite movies ANYWHERE you go, and they don’t even have to be Disney movies!

    Movies Anywhere allows you to watch Disney movies wherever you go!

    The new Movies Anywhere portal will allow you to directly stream and buy Disney movies from some of the biggest sites in the world, including Google Play, iTunes and Amazon Video. Although this service was previously only used for Disney movies on the Disney Movies Anywhere platform, the franchise has now teamed up with Warner Bros., Sony, Fox, and Universal Pictures. Meaning you can literally watch all of your favorite films on one platform. Life = complete?

    The idea is very similar to the infamous movie locker, UltraViolet. UltraViolet was one of the first digital lockers services in the world, but has faced criticism from many who have used it. The new Movies Anywhere concept seems to have ironed out all of the crinkles of UltraViolet, and is set to take over the world. One of the main advantages of this new service is that you can simply buy the movie you want to watch with a one-off payment, and then you have it in your digital locker FOREVER. This means you can watch it whenever, wherever. You could watch your favorite movies in the bath, on the toilet, or even while you’re in school (just try not to get caught).

    Movies Anywhere has now been launched

    Movies Anywhere has now been officially launched, and is available for iOs, Android (mobile and TV), Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and it even supports Chromecast. So, what Disney movie are you going to watch first?

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