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X-Men: New Mutants Have Confirmed New Casting, Including a Game of Thrones Star

They’ll be perfect for the role…


    We spend most of our lives waiting restlessly for news of upcoming X-Men movies (what do you mean there can’t be a new movie every month? We want them!) and now we can rest easy (until next month) now that we have some pret-ty exciting X-Men information…

    X-Men: New Mutants is the next movie in the franchise and FINALLY has a formally announced release date – we’ve already put a heart around April 18th, 2018 on our calendars. The next installment is due to start filming pretty soon, and now we’ve been given an insight into what we can expect from the new movie, and more importantly – WHO we can expect in the new movie.

    x-men: new mutants maisie williams

    The first two casting confirmations don’t come as a huge surprise, considering there’s been rumors going around the X-Men rumor-mill for the past few weeks, but we do love a good confirmation. And they are good’uns.

    The Witch and Split actress, Anya Taylor-Joy was the first to be confirmed for X-Men: New Mutants. She is set to play Magik, and it seems she’s just as excited as us.

    The new movie has also managed to bag the incredible talents of Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams for the role of Wolfsbane – and we couldn’t imagine a better actress to play a magical superhero wolf (especially considering her GoT family’s ties to wolves).

    At the moment, we don’t know any more in regards to casting for X-Men: New Mutants, but they better get a move on considering there’s at least four more new-and-improved X-Men to cast before filming begins. But with the likes of these two ladies, we can definitely expect actors of the same calibre. Basically, this means it’s going to be amazing. But would we expect anything less?

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