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X-Men: New Mutants Latest Cast Members Announced

There are some New Mutants…


    We’re always excited for any new X-Men movie, but this one has got us particularly excited – because the new mutants are pretty epic.

    X-Men: New Mutants was confirmed a couple of months ago, and will be the first to be released from a string of three X-Men movies to be released in the near future, as a new spin-off from the original franchise. The story will follow a group of five teenagers trying to cope with their newfound superpowers while trying to escape from a top-secret facility where they’ve been held against their will (a bit Suicide Squad-y here, but we’ll let that slip).

    new mutants cast

    The new movie is set to be directed by The Fault in Our Stars director, Josh Boone – and we’d already heard of some pretty awesome cast members. Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams (Wolfsbane) will be joining the cast alongside, Anya Taylor-Joy (Magik) and Rosario Dawson (Dr. Cecilia Reyes). And James McAvoy is set to be reprising his role as Professor X.

    But over the past couple of days, news of more mutants has been revealed.

    One of the most exciting new recruits is Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton, who will be joining the mutants as Sam Guthrie A.K.A Cannonball. Henry Zaga will also be joining their crew as Sunspot (how amazing is that casting?!)

    new mutants cast

    There’s also a newcomer to the X-Men team. After struggling to find an actress suitable for the role of Moonstar, casting directors have finally come across the perfect mutant – Blu Hunt. If you haven’t heard of her before, don’t worry… she’s pretty new to the acting world. Although she hasn’t got much on her resumé, she thoroughly impressed the team during her audition. So we have high hopes.

    X-Men: New Mutants is set to be released on April 13th, 2018. We better get started on breaking out of this top-secret facility, then…

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