Why The Harry Potter Books Are A Million Times Better Than The Movies

The magic is so much better off the silver screen…⚡


    Those of you who know me (hi, friends) will know that there are two things I love more than anything else in the world. They are the loves of my life, the apples of my eyes and the moon to my stars. What are they, I hear you cry? Well, I’m glad you asked! First and foremost, I love Harry Potter. Yuh-huh, I am a hardcore Potterhead and have watched every movie about 228,323 times and have read the books so many times they are now basically falling apart. It’s a problem. Secondly, I love a good debate – and right now I’m going to tell you why the Harry Potter books are a million times better than the movies…

    They explain EVERYTHING

    If you’ve only ever watched the Harry Potter movies, there’s a high chance that you like to think of yourself as a fan – but can you really class yourself a Potterhead? We think not. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter can be about as confusing as a Divination lesson with Professor Trelawney, which means that you have to know all of the info to truly understand what is going on. Although the movies do try to give as much detail as they possibly can, there is a limit to how much of the backstory they can provide in a two-hour-long sequence. Vital nuggets of magical information are left out of the movies, which means you miss out on the beauty of J.K Rowling’s story. Even small pieces of information from the first book make so much more sense when you finish the last book, and it’s enough to make you weep.
    Harry Potter illustrations

    Ginny is the ultimate sass-pot

    Anyone else completely in love with Ginny Weasley? Yes? Everyone in the whole entire world? Make sense, really. Although she barely even made an appearance in the first book, Ginny Weasley soon made her way out of the woodworks in The Chamber of Secrets. Sure, it’s because she was being possessed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but we’ll forget about that for a moment. After this initial entrance, Ginny soon becomes an integral part of the narrative. She and Harry enter into a whirlwind relationship of will-they-won’t-they, she and Hermione become the best of friends, and we even learn a little about her place on the Quidditch team and her long list of boyfriends. We really get to *know* Ginny Weasley in the books – so where the heck is she in the movies? She doesn’t get the chance to show off just how sassy she is, and that really makes us sad.

    You will lol your socks off

    We pride ourselves on being pretty darn nice and giving credit where credit is due, which is why we will admit that the Harry Potter movies are absolutely hilarious sometimes. They have provided us with countless hours of laughter and entertained us to no end – but you haven’t really laughed in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter until you’ve read the books. It’s often hard to incorporate humor into fantasy writing, but our ol’ friend Joanne has absolutely nailed. With more time and more words to the page, she has been able to add even more comic relief to this magical story and even given some of our favorite characters the chance to crack a few jokes. It turns out that Ron has a few dad jokes up his sleeve, Fred and George are even more hilarious than the films portray, and even Hermione proves that she has a sense of humor.

    There are sooooo many more characters

    Although we love all of the characters in the Harry Potter movies, we can’t help but realize that there are also SO MANY that are missing. Of course, we understand that it would be confusing to add in all of these characters when their storylines have not been included in the movies, but we can’t help but think that they really deserved their time to shine. They needed their moment, man. We’d like you to all take a moment of silence to remember some of our faves who didn’t quite make the cut: Winky the House Elf, Ludo Bagman, Frank and Alice Longbottom (okay, we see them for all of two seconds), the Muggle Prime Minister, and Andromeda and Ted Tonks. We will remember. Always.

    Harry Potter I love magic

    Okay, so how did I do? Did I convince you that the Harry Potter movies are better than the movies? Of course, I’m not saying that I don’t like the movies. In actual fact, I love the movies more than I love Ben & Jerry’s (woah, I know), but my love for the books is just so much stronger. You feel me?

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