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What The Baddies From Horror Movies Look Like In Real Life

We can’t get over how different Pennywise in the new IT film looks IRL!

    tchucThere’s nothing we love more than chucking on our pajamas after a long day of work, slouching on the couch, sticking our feet up, and munching on some yummy treats while we watch an epic movie. But there’s one thing you need to decide before you can do that – which movie do you choose? Nowadays, there are so many genres to choose from (over 30 genres, in fact) that it can take hours to actually choose what you want to watch. And by that time, it’s time to go to sleep. So what will you go for? Maybe a comedy? A neo-noir film? A mockumentary? A chick flick? A fantasy? An adventure film? Or perhaps…a horror?

    If you’re a fan of horror movies (we’re not) and love to watch them late at night (we don’t), then you probably don’t get scared (we do). But even if you have a stomach of steel and can deal with whatever horrors these movies throw at you, the baddies always scare you… just a little. It’s commonplace for the baddies in these movies to be ugly, deformed, and downright creepy – and they ALWAYS make an impression. Some of the baddies will give you nightmares, others will utterly creep you out, and others will make you want to run away screaming (this happens all too often). Nevertheless, this just means they’re doing their jobs correctly, because at the end of the day, all of these horror movie baddies are all played by actors – we hope.

    Most of the time, our favorite (or least favorite) baddies will be played by normal, everyday actors that simply don some pretty impressive makeup, a scary voice, and some wacky outfits. Of course, this information doesn’t help us when we’re screaming our heads off and punching the next person who walks into our room in the face (yep, it’s happened), but take a look at what the baddies from horror movies look like in real life…

    Daveigh Chase as Samara in The Ring

    Who else couldn’t sleep for a week after watching The Ring? That face, though. Yep, it’s the face that has haunted our dreams ever since we watched this movie. Samara Morgan is the main Antagonist in The Ring, and was the ghost of a mass murderer. Oh, brilliant. Samara’s party trick is that she literally has a death stare – one look, and she can disfigure her victims’ faces and kill them.

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