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What The Baddies From Horror Movies Look Like In Real Life

We can’t get over how different Pennywise in the new IT film looks IRL!


tchucThere’s nothing we love more than chucking on our pajamas after a long day of work, slouching on the couch, sticking our feet up, and munching on some yummy treats while we watch an epic movie. But there’s one thing you need to decide before you can do that – which movie do you choose? Nowadays, there are so many genres to choose from (over 30 genres, in fact) that it can take hours to actually choose what you want to watch. And by that time, it’s time to go to sleep. So what will you go for? Maybe a comedy? A neo-noir film? A mockumentary? A chick flick? A fantasy? An adventure film? Or perhaps…a horror?

If you’re a fan of horror movies (we’re not) and love to watch them late at night (we don’t), then you probably don’t get scared (we do). But even if you have a stomach of steel and can deal with whatever horrors these movies throw at you, the baddies always scare you… just a little. It’s commonplace for the baddies in these movies to be ugly, deformed, and downright creepy – and they ALWAYS make an impression. Some of the baddies will give you nightmares, others will utterly creep you out, and others will make you want to run away screaming (this happens all too often). Nevertheless, this just means they’re doing their jobs correctly, because at the end of the day, all of these horror movie baddies are all played by actors – we hope.

Most of the time, our favorite (or least favorite) baddies will be played by normal, everyday actors that simply don some pretty impressive makeup, a scary voice, and some wacky outfits. Of course, this information doesn’t help us when we’re screaming our heads off and punching the next person who walks into our room in the face (yep, it’s happened), but take a look at what the baddies from horror movies look like in real life…

Daveigh Chase as Samara in The Ring

Who else couldn’t sleep for a week after watching The Ring? That face, though. Yep, it’s the face that has haunted our dreams ever since we watched this movie. Samara Morgan is the main Antagonist in The Ring, and was the ghost of a mass murderer. Oh, brilliant. Samara’s party trick is that she literally has a death stare – one look, and she can disfigure her victims’ faces and kill them.

Daveigh Chase

Luckily, the actress who plays Samara Morgan doesn’t have a death stare. Or the creepy face. Or the creepy skin. Or the creepy hair covering her face. It’s also pretty groovy that she isn’t the ghost of a mass murderer (always a bonus). In fact, she’s actually a beautiful young lady. In other less murderous roles, she has voiced Lilo, from Lilo & Stitch.  A bit of a contrast there.

Tom Fitzpatrick as Bride In Black from Insidious

The Bride In Black really liked to call people the B word. And it wasn’t ‘Bride.’ The Bride In Black character had a few different names; Parker Crane, The Dark Bride, She, The Old Woman and Marilyn Crane. In this movie, an old man (yep, a man) dressed as a creepy bride, and just so happened to be an undead serial killer in Insidious, Insidious: Chapter 2 and Insidious: Chapter 3. At least he was consistent.

Tom Fitzpatrick

It’s nice to know Tom Fitzpatrick doesn’t dress as a creepy undead serial killer bride during the day. Sometimes he gets the costume out at night, though (just kidding). Fitzpatrick is most famous for his role within the Insidious franchise, but has also appeared on TV shows like Baby Daddy, New Girl, and NCIS. And he looks a lot better without the dress and the veil. Really brings out his eyes.

Nick Castle as Michael Myers from Halloween

Nick Castle as Michael Myers from Halloween

There’s just something about a man wearing an expressionless mask that really gives us the heebie-jeebies…and it’s even worse when he’s brandishing a knife. From the get-go, Halloween makes us absolutely terrified of Michael Myers – because, y’know, we’re not going to fawning over a kid who murders his sister and then returns to murder even more people. With his white mask, his extremely dark eyebrows (anyone else notice that?), Michael Myers is the face of plastic surgery nightmares.

Nick Castle

Nick Castle without his Michael Myers' mask

Okay, so we kinda love Nick Castle – it’s just a shame he’s previously embodied one of the creepiest men in the business. Luckily, he hasn’t inherited Michael Myers’ looks and actually looks pretty normal. The actor and screenwriter bagged himself the part of Myers after he impressed his bed bud, John Carpenter, with his acting talents, and the two have been pals ever since. Nowadays, Castle is still known for his role of Michael Myers…probably because they can’t forget it.

Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Yep, ANOTHER man wearing a creepy mask. However, instead of brandishing a knife, this guy is just casually carrying around A FREAKING CHAINSAW *deep breathing*. We get that’s the whole idea behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but bloomin’ heck why can’t these guys just wander around handing out flowers, rather than a painful and brutal death? To make matters even worse (if that’s possible) the mask in question is not made out of plastic – nor is it made out of material. Oh no, this mask is made out of human skin…

Gunnar Hansen

Gunnar Hansen without his Leatherface mask

Ahhhhh, that’s better. The chainsaw-wielding-masked-cannibal from Texas Chainsaw Massacre was played by the Icelandic-American actor, Gunnar Hansen. Thankfully, this guy didn’t look anything like his horror baddie. Instead, he looked like the kinda guy you could ask round for a slice of tea and cake, and engage in a lovely conversation – preferably one that didn’t involve murder or eating people, because you wouldn’t want to be put off your cake.

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street

Yeah, Freddy Krueger would give you a nightmare, on any street – not just on Elm Street. For the purpose of this article, we’ve chosen the original Freddy Krueger from the 1984 classic horror movie, A Nightmare On Elm Street. Krueger got his kicks from killing children while he was alive, and killing them in their dreams when he was dead. Lovely bloke. We’re never sleeping again. Just in case.

Robert Englund

Well, he definitely looks better in real life. Robert Englund starred as Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare On Elm Street movie series, and went on to receive Saturn Award nominations for his role in the third and fourth movies in the saga. He seems to like playing odd and slightly mutated characters, and stars in the new 2017 movie, Injustice 2 as The Scarecrow. Whatever floats your boat…

Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees is not the kinda horror baddie we want to meet down a dark alleyway – and actually, we never want to see a hockey player ever again. This masked villain first made an appearance in the 1980 movie, Friday the 13th, and proved so popular (and not in a good way) that he soon took over the series, and made an appearance to basically fudge shizz up. If you catch our drift. There are many parts in this series when we feel slightly sympathetic for the murderer, and then we realize that…well…he’s a murderer…

Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder not wearing his Jason Voorhees mask

Kane Hodder is the man behind the mask – and although he is significantly less scary than Jason Voorhees, we still wouldn’t want to get on this guy’s bad side, as it looks as if he’ll have us in a headlock in no time. Hodder is a prolific stuntman and actor in the world of Hollywood, but is still most well-known for his role as Jason Voorhees, considering he has starred in numerous spin-offs and movies as the machete-wielding man.

Rie Ino as Sadako Yamamura from The Ring

Rie Ino as Sadako Yamamura from The Ring in Japan

Blimey, we need to sit down for a little bit – because we forgot how utterly TERRIFYING Sadako Yamamura was. You might recognize the wet hair in front of the face, and the long nightgown Sadako wears (y’know, if you can take your eyes away from her demon eyes) and think it looks a little like Samara’s from the American movie, The Ring. That’s because Sadako is from the Japanese version of The Ring, and yep…she’s still a brutal murderer. Nice.

Rie Ino

Rie Ono is gorgeous in real life

Amazingly, with a change of clothes and a hairdryer, Rie Ino looks nothing like her horror movie baddie – which is good news for us, as we can finally come out of hiding from underneath our cushion. Rie Ino is a Japanese actress that starred as Sadako Yamamura in the Japanese The Ring and The Ring 2. She hasn’t really done much since, but she’s scared us all into submission – so does she really need to do anymore?

Christopher Lee as Count Dracula from Count Dracula

Christopher Lee as Count Dracula from Count Dracula

Now, we love a Vampire movie as much as the next guy (which is a lot), but unfortunately, our love for Twilight (were you Team Jacob or Team Edward?) doesn’t quite compete with our love for Count Dracula – after all, Count Dracula is THE vampire to beat all vampires. There have been numerous portrayals of Bram Stoker’s villain over the years, but the 1958 movie is often considered the best…probably because Count Dracula is utterly terrifying.

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the most well known actor who played Count Dracula

I mean, is there anyone who didn’t love Christopher Lee? Although he was used to playing evil villains in the likes of Count Dracula, Lord of the Rings, the James Bond films, and The Wicker Man, Lee was an international treasure who was loved by millions across the world. Over the course of his near 70-year career (wowza) Lee impressed us all with his interpretation of Count Dracula and is the interpretation we all remember today.

Nicholas Vince as the Chatterer in Hellraiser

Nicholas Vince as the Chatterer in Hellraiser

Is this what we look like in the dentist when they put the mouthguard in our mouths? We really hope not. The Chatterer is a brutal Cenobite who has a love for all things hedonistic and sadomasochistic – which makes for a pretty creepy horror baddie. It’s no surprise that the Chatterer is an evil villain, considering Pinhead (who we saw earlier) is his master. Unfortunately, we haven’t got a bloomin’ clue what he says most of the time, as the Chatterer can only speak through the clattering of his teeth. He could be talking about knitting patterns for all we know.

Nicholas Vince

Nicholas Vince plays the Chatterer in Hellraiser

The man behind the mask of the Chatterer (and the man behind the mouthguard) was Nicholas Vince, who doesn’t look a thing like his creepy horror baddie counterpart. The actor, producer, and director starred in Hellraiser, and Hellbound: Hellraiser II during the ‘80s, and later starred in the 1990 horror, Nightbreed. The actor is still doing his thing today, and has two MORE horrors coming out soon – maybe we’ll need to add his new characters to this list in a few months time, too?

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein

Frankenstein is perhaps one of the most iconic horror movies in the world. Sure, horror movies have come a long way since 1931, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the awful makeup, the black and white frames and the constant murmuring of Frankenstein’s Monster in the original. We have to give this movie credit though because this image of Frankenstein’s Monster has been adopted by people across the globe, who now envision Mary Shelley’s creation with a square head and bolts coming out of his neck. Genius.

Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff played Frankenstein’s Monster in Frankenstein

The man who made Frankenstein’s Monster famous was Boris Karloff. Born William Henry Pratt, this English actor didn’t look anything like his horror movie baddie – in fact; he was a bit of a Hollywood hunk back in the day. His portrayal of the monster proved so popular; he was enlisted to star in the follow-up movies, including Bride of Frankenstein (1935), and Son of Frankenstein (1939). Outside of the world of horror, Karloff is also best known for his role as The Grinch in the animated TV special. I mean, that’s pretty darn cool.

Brad Dourif as Chucky in Child’s Play

Brad Dourif as Chucky in Child’s Play

Let’s be honest; dolls are pretty creepy in the first place. Yet, when they’re possessed by an infamous and brutal serial killer, they get that little bit creepier. Yep, anyone who has watched any of the Child’s Play movies will know just how darn terrifying Chucky is. We’re not sure whether it’s the face, the scars, the red hair, the clothing, the eyes, the voice, or all of it put together, but this is one doll we would not want to buy from the toy store.

Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif plays Chucky in Child’s Play

Chucky is one of the creepiest characters in the business, but Brad Dourif is not (which he’s probably pretty pleased about). Brad Dourif has taken on the voice and the physical form of Chucky since 1988, and has starred in Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Son of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky and Curse of Chucky. Basically, he’s the Chucky legend.

Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun from Leprechaun

“Try as they will and try as they might, who steals me gold won’t live through the night.” *Shivers* Even though The Leprechaun was dubbed as a comedy-horror movie, we can’t really say that the Leprechaun (or Lubdan, as he liked to be called) was very funny looking. In fact, he wasn’t really funny at all. Instead, he was pretty evil looking. And he’d be pretty evil if you stole his gold, too…

Bonnie Aarons as Valak from The Conjuring 2

Yikes. So much for nuns singing and dancing, putting on a puppet show with goats (Lay-ee-odl-lay-ee-odl-ee) and looking after a bunch of kids. Oh wait, that’s The Sound of Music, and this nun should definitely NOT be allowed to look after kids. Valek appeared in the 2016 live-action movie, The Conjuring 2. And yes, you guessed it, she’s a demonic nun. Oh, goodie. She appeared during a seance and then decided, you know what, I’m going to haunt the world. We can’t say we were thrilled by that decision.

Bonnie Aarons

Luckily, Bonnie Aarons is not a demon nun – which is always a good thing. Aarons always wanted to be an actress and even went to acting school when she was younger. However, she was constantly told that her looks wouldn’t fit in with the acting scene, and only landed small roles before The Conjuring 2. We’re not sure if it’s an insult or not that she got to play Valek, but we think she’s beautiful.

Warwick Davis

We don’t like the Leprechaun. However, we do love Warwick Davis. When the creepy image of The Leprechaun pops into our mind, we like to think of Davis as Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter. It makes us feel better about him, because there’s no way we could hate Professor Flitwick. Before his days saving of saving the world from You-Know-Who and protecting his gold, Davis began his acting career as an Ewok in Star Wars. How cool is that?!

Doug Bradley as Pinhead from Hellraiser

This setup doesn’t look very comfortable, and we bet Pinhead would get a fright if he turned over in the night. Pinhead was the main baddie from the Hellraiser movie series, and was the leader of the sadomasochistic religion, The Order of the Gash. Yep, it was really called that. Despite the pins in his head, he was actually pretty intelligent. Nevertheless, intellect will only get you so far if your main hobby is tearing apart your victims…

Doug Bradley

I bet his life is a lot more comfortable now without those pins in his head. During filming, Bradley got so used to putting on his Pinhead costume, makeup and appliances that sometimes he took over from his makeup artist, and was even credited in the movie as an assistant makeup artist.

Jonathan Breck as The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers

Basically, don’t hang around outside for 24 days every 23rd spring – because you will be eaten by this guy. You can’t say we didn’t warn you. The Creeper was the main bad guy in this 2001 movie, Jeepers Creepers and reprised his role in 2003 in Jeepers Creepers 2. It’s said that The Creeper eats humans’ eyes so that he can see, and eats their lungs so he can breathe. Lovely.  *Heavy breathing*

Jonathan Breck

Well, he’s very handsome when he’s not playing a human-eating-alien-thing. Breck is most famous for playing The Creeper in the Jeepers Creepers series, but has also made appearances in TV and film, including Star Trek: Voyager, Push and I Married A Monster – which is what The Creeper’s wife would say if he ever found someone to marry him. Although that’s not likely.

Roberto Campanella as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

Roberto Campanella as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

When we think of the name ‘Pyramid Head’ we think of a cool Egyptology expert dressing up for Halloween – not this incarnation of evil. Pyramid Head made his debut in Silent Hill 2 and is regarded as a duo of villains (because apparently, one isn’t enough) as even more appear at the end of the movie. The role of the Pyramid Head is to rid the world of sinful humans and to execute those who are not worthy. Yeah, that doesn’t make it any better…

Roberto Campanella

Roberto Campanella plays Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2

As you can tell from the name, Roberto Campanella is an Italian actor – and the head behind Pyramid Head (head-ception?). The actor seems to have a love for all things monstrous and creepy and has appeared in Silent Hill, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, It, and Beauty and the Beast (the weird 2014 version, not the epic Emma Watson adaptation). However, he is still most known for his role as Pyramid Head.

Takako Fuji as Kayako from The Grudge

Kayako Saeki Kawamata is one of the main characters in Ju-On: The Grudge. She is mostly portrayed as a murderous housewife who was murdered by her husband after reading her diary, and thinking she was having an affair with her son’s teacher. This is a prime example why you should never read someone else’s diary…

Takako Fuji

Thankfully, she doesn’t look as creepy in real life. Fuji is still acting today, but mostly stars as a voice-over actress for Japanese dubbing. She’s even worked as the voice dub for Jennifer Lopez in the Japanese version of Enough. Well, if that’s not a claim to fame we don’t know what is…

Dane Farwell as Ghostface from Scream

Ghostface is one of the most iconic horror movie costumes, and Halloween costumes of all time. It’s kind of scary, but not really. We guess what is scary is that he plays the psychotic murderer in the Scream saga – because let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want the real thing turning up to Trick or Treat on your doorstep. We can guarantee it won’t be a treat.

Dane Farwell

Dane Farwell is an actor and stuntman who played Ghostface in Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 4. The mathematicians amongst you will notice an irregularity with this list. Yes, he did not star in Scream 3 – and Ghostface was played by Brian Avery. Dane’s claim to fame? He was the first baddie to clean his bloody knife with his finger and thumb. Gross.

Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle from The Fly

Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle from The Fly

There’s nothing we love more than watching a scientist at work – and we would have absolutely loved The Fly if Seth Brundle had remained a scientist. But of course, the course of the epic horror movie doth never run smooth, and they have to ruin it. Yep, the scientist transforms into a fly (as you do). But this isn’t any fly – this one is gross and weird, and it really gave us the creeps.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldbum played Seth Brundle in The Fly

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t heard of Jeff Goldblum. The acting legend has been a major player in the world of Hollywood for years and is famous for his roles in Jurassic Park, Independence Day, The Grand Budapest Hotel and more. His role in The Fly brought him to the attention of the bug Hollywood bosses and is widely regarded as his breakout role – luckily, they soon realized that his body wasn’t covered in lesions and that he didn’t have saliva permanently coming out of his mouth. In fact, he’s like a good wine and seems to be getting better with age (oo-er).

Bolaji Badejo as the alien from Alien

Bolaji Badejo as the alien from Alien

Alien is one of the best films out there: fact. But what film called Alien would be complete with a creepy alien that reduced its audience to tears? Yep, the alien in this movie was unlike any of pictures we’d seen before (where were the oval head and the big bug eyes?) Instead, this alien had spindly arms and legs, a permanent river of saliva running from its mouth (ew), weird tentacles and an extraordinarily large head that looked as if it had another alien living inside it. It’s fair to say this movie destroyed our ambitions of becoming astronauts.

Bolaji Badejo

Bolaji Badejo plays the alien from Alien

Thankfully, Bolaji Badejo isn’t as creepy as his alien counterpart – although he is a little bit spindly (no offense, Bolaji) but that’s what got him the job. The Nigerian artist was simply having a drink with pals one day when he was spotted by a casting director, who gave him Ridley Scott’s number (a dream come true or what?) At nearly 7 foot, Bolaji had the slender frame and the height required for the alien costume. Whether that’s a compliment or not, we’re not sure.

Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding from The Devil’s Rejects

There’s a reason so many people don’t like clowns, and Captain Spaulding is one of those reasons. Captain Spaulding starred in the House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects… and you can tell by the names that these movies aren’t going to be about rainbows and unicorns (unfortunately). Spaulding is a part of the Firefly Family, a group of killers who try and dupe their victims. This guy tries to lure them in by selling fried chicken. That’s not fair, we love chicken.

Sid Haig

Haig’s portrayal of Captain Spaulding earned him a Fangoria Chainsaw Award in 2003, and he even earned himself an induction into the Horror Hall of Fame – which is a pretty big deal in the horror business. He has since appeared in Dark Moon Rising, Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead and The Lords of Salem. All cheery titles again…

Denise Bixler as Linda from Evil Dead II

Denise Bixler as Linda from Evil Dead II

If you’ve seen the Evil Dead, you’ll know that Linda started off as the kind of preppy college student we would all like to be friends with. But of course, this is a horror movie we’re talking about – and nothing stays lovely for long. So, but the Evil Dead II, Linda has died and become a deadite, with the sole intention of making Ash’s life a misery. Most terrifying part of this movie? When Linda starts to dance with her severed head. Yup.

Denise Bixler

Denise Bixler was Linda in Evil Dead II

Aw, now this is the Linda we all love and remember. Thankfully, Denise Bixler didn’t have a habit of dancing around with a severed head and taunting her former lover. Instead, that was just a load of makeup and a pretty good script. Although she had a short career in the world of Hollywood, this actress was probably most well-known for being married to Steven Guttenberg, the actor of Police Academy and Three Men and a Baby fame.

Arthur Roberts as Radford from Midnight Movie

Arthur Roberts as Radford from Midnight Movie

Because a horror movie isn’t complete without an escaped psychiatric patient/mass murderer wearing a bloody skull mask, now is it? Yep, as much as we hate to admit it, this baddie from Midnight Movie scared us so much we had to watch a solid five hours’ worth of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to get the image of Radford out of our mind. Radford’s image and actions were made even worse because we watched this movie in the movie theater, and fans of the film will know why that was the wrong idea…

Arthur Roberts

Arthur Roberts as Radford in Midnight Movie

Thankfully, the man behind the mask is not an escaped psychiatric patient/mass murderer, which is pretty handy for the world of Hollywood, considering Arthur Roberts is pretty big-time. Although he is most known for his role as Radford, the 79-year-old is still making a name for himself, and currently, has three movies in post-production! What a legend.

Chris Carnel as The Miner from My Bloody Valentine

The Miner’s real name was Harry Warden – a miner from Valentine Bluffs. When two informants of the mine chose to attend the local Valentine Dance rather than check the gas level, there was an explosion. All of the other miners died, except for Harry, who survived by eating the remains of the other miners. He then became mad and vowed to kill anyone who wanted to celebrate the Valentine Party. Lovely.

Chris Carnel

You couldn’t really tell, because of the gas mask and all, but The Miner was played by Chris Carnel. Nowadays, Carnel makes his living as a stuntman, and has worked on Guardians of the Galaxy, American History X and ER. Thankfully, he hasn’t taken on any other roles that require him to work down mines – otherwise we may be a little worried for everyone’s safety.

Mercedes McCambridge as Pazuzu from The Exorcist

Mercedes McCambridge as Pazuzu from The Exorcist

The Exorcist is one of the scariest horror films in existence (you know it’s true) and features some of the scariest characters of all time – including Pazuzu. The character of Pazuzu is derived from mythology, which makes the whole thing even creepier. Because Pazuzu is a demon, we don’t really know what it looks like. Nevertheless, the demon possessed the 12-year-old Regan MacNeil…to horrifying effects. Just look at those teeth.

Mercedes McCambridge

Mercedes McCambridge played the voice of Pazazu in The Exorcist

The character of Pazuzu was played a little different in The Exorcist. The character was physically portrayed by Linda Blair (Regan) who had been possessed by the demon, and she was just a child at the time. Originally, the producers of the movie wanted to use her voice and digitally enhance it to sound demonic and terrifying but then decided against it. Instead, they enlisted the help of Mercedes McCambridge to provide the voice for the demon. We think she did a good job because we can sometimes still hear her voice in our nightmares.

Tom Woodruff Jr. as Pumpkinhead from Pumpkinhead

He doesn’t really look like a Pumpkin to me. Sam looked more like a Pumpkin than this guy. Instead, this supernatural demon just had a thing for killing people. You know, like a hobby. He had an intense relationship with the person who summoned him… and normally, it was a bad guy. Which didn’t ever end very well.

Tom Woodruff

Well, he sure looks a lot better now. Tom Woodruff is completely unrecognizable from his character of Pumpkinhead – thank goodness! Woodruff is most famous for his role in Pumpkinhead, but has also worked on The Terminator, Aliens and Alien vs. Predator. We guess he has a thing for Aliens.

Doug Jones as Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth

Ewwwww. Pale Man is both incredibly creepy and disgusting. He needs to get to the gym with those Bingo Wings. Pale Man starred in the 2006 epic movie, Pan’s Labyrinth, as a creepy humanoid creature who had a hungry appetite for poor, defenseless children. Lovely as always.

Doug Jones

Thank goodness Doug Jones looks nothing like his character, Pale Man. But Doug is often dubbed as a quirky actor, and has a penchant for playing fantasy, horror or science fiction characters which normally involves heavy makeup and costume. We get that.

Megan Franich as Iris from 30 Days of Night

Megan Franich as Iris from 30 Days of Night

There are a few things that strike us about Iris from 30 Days of Night. Firstly, there’s the incredibly creepy ghost-white face. Then, there are the incredibly creepy black eyeballs. After that, there are the incredibly creepy teeth that wouldn’t look out of place on a Great White Shark. Alongside those teeth, there’s the incredible creepy river of blood running from her lips. Oh yeah, almost forgot…she’s also an INCREDIBLY CREEPY blood-sucking vampire.

Megan Franich

Megan Franich as Iris in 30 Days of Night

Wowza, take away all of the makeup, and the blood and Iris is pretty darn beautiful. The blood-sucking vampire was played by Megan Franich, a New Zealand actress who has nailed the horror movie baddie role. Unfortunately, she hasn’t appeared in much since her 30 Days of Night days (probably because everyone is scared of her) but is now living a life of luxury in LA with her husband and her cat. Who hopefully aren’t vampires.

Yuya Ozeki as Toshio from Ju-On

Yuya Ozeki as Toshio from Ju-On

The Japanese really do know how to make the creepiest horror baddies – and Toshio is no exception. At the start of Ju-On, this little kid looked as if butter wouldn’t melt. Yep, he was super cute. And yes, the movie does go and ruin it for everyone. Thanks so much, guys. Soon enough, Toshio’s eyes have somehow disappeared, his skin has got even paler, and he’s meowing all over the place. Now we love kids and cats as much as the next person, but this is taking it too far.

Yuya Ozeki

Yuya Ozeki is Toshio from Ju-On

Okay, THIS is the adorable little kid we hoped to see in the movie. Yuya Ozeki starred as Toshio in Ju-On: The Grudge (2002), The Grudge (2004) and Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (2003). Basically, The Grudge completely ruined his childhood. Luckily, this little guy has not been permanently scarred by his upbringing and has now grown into a handsome young man (it’s true, Google it) and is still starring in Japanese TV and film. Thanks for the nightmares, Yuya.

Quinn Lord as Sam from Trick ‘r Treat

If this little guy turned up at your doorstep on Halloween, you might think, “aw what an adorable little scarecrow.” Oh, ho ho, how wrong you would be! Instead of being cute and cuddly, this guy is a demonic pumpkin/Scarecrow-esque character who embodies Halloween to a T. If you don’t abide by the rules, you’re looking for trouble…However, in real life, you’d be forgiven for wanting to give him a cuddle.

Quinn Lord

Aww, well he definitely doesn’t look like a demonic pumpkin/scarecrow character in real life. This role was Quinn Lord’s first ever acting gig, which he managed to bag when he was just 5 – yep, five-years-old! He was even nominated for an award for this role. He’s since starred in Once Upon A Time and Imaginaerum, and is currently starring in the Amazon Original series, The Man In The High Castle.

Juan Fernandez as the Collector from The Collector

Juan Fernandez as the Collector from The Collector

The Collector is a relatively new addition to the horror world, and was only released in 2009. Nevertheless, they definitely got the memo that some of the scariest villains in the business wear creepy masks – because The Collector takes this to a new level. Instead of looking like a pretty expensive face mask, this leather mask is one that will haunt you for years…especially the image of the Collector tying up the back before he makes his move. *Shivers*

Juan Fernandez

Juan Fernandez is the Collector in The Collector

Juan Fernandez, real name Juan Fernandez de Alarcon (that’s a name that means business) took on the role of the Collector in 2009 because apparently this Dominican actor just loves to play evil villains. He’s starred in the movies In Hell (I mean, you can tell that’s not going to be about sparkly unicorns), Tropico de Sangre (where he’s an evil dictator) and Slice & Dice (nope, that’s not a story about a meat shop). Thankfully, he’s a nice guy in real life, he’s just really, really, really good at acting…

Tim Curry as Pennywise from It

With the new IT movie permeating every single social media channel and movie theater across the globe (to mixed reviews, because it is absolutely terrifying), we had to include this guy. The original Pennywise. Unfortunately, this guy doesn’t help our fear of clowns. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want Pennywise turning up to your kids’ party, because he would kill everyone there. Great.

Tim Curry

Tim Curry first rose to fame as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and has since appeared on stage and screen… thankfully, not as a clown. Fun fact to take away from the fact that Pennywise is incredibly creepy – Tim Curry voiced Nigel Thornberry on The Wild Thornberry’s. How cool. However, his transformation is nowhere near as shocking as the new Pennywise…

Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise from It

Yep, there’s another one. Pennywise has just come back on our screens. This time, Bill Skarsgard has taken over from Tim Curry and has definitely made an impression. This still isn’t helping our fear of clowns. So far this is the only picture we really have of him – and we’d be thankful if we didn’t have any more, please and thank you.

Bill Skarsgård

If Pennywise looked a bit more like Bill Skarsgard in real life we’d be less likely to run from the room screaming when we watch the movie. Thankfully, he’s inherited his brothers’ good looks and just dons a heck load of makeup to become Pennywise.