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Universal and Warner Bros are Set For a Huge Legal Battle Over ‘Dark Universe.’

Uh oh, better call the Avengers to sort this mess out…


    Last month, we confirmed Universal’s plans to unveil (quite literally) the latest addition to their self-proclaimed Dark Universe cinematic franchise – The Bride of Frankenstein. But Warner Bros. isn’t happy with it.

    Universal’s Dark Universe is already in full swing; The Mummy, the first film in their dark cinematic universe has already been released. And with the aim of the franchise to create 21st Century retellings of classic monster horror stories, it came as no surprise when they announced that they would be bringing us a modern retelling of The Bride of Frankenstein.

    Universal were all set to continue on with the development of their Dark Universe and were expecting the response to be even better than some of their previous movies (and we were too). But what they weren’t expecting was a huge legal battle. Sources close to the Hollywood Reporter have claimed that the Warner Bros. Studios are looking to sue their rival production company over their name. Uh-oh…

    dark universe universal warner bros legal battle

    Over the past couple of months, Warner Bros. has been in the development stages of an all-new live-action adaptation of the epic Justice League Dark animation that will feature the likes of Deadman, John Constantine, and Swamp Thing. But more recently, the studio decided to change the name of their adaptation to avoid confusion with last year’s Justice League movie. So, Justice League Dark was rebranded as Dark Universe.

    See the problem?

    This news will come as a huge blow to Universal, who expected to expand their own Dark Universe into a long-running franchise – and this kind of confusion between two major players in the cinematic game could lead to disastrous consequences.

    At the moment, there’s no update on Warner Bros. next move, but we’ll keep you updated…

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