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THREE New Animated DC Films Are Coming – One Batman And Two Superman!

A death, a return, and a Victorian serial killer…


    It seems as though DC have been busy bees in their animated studio department recently, as it was announced at SDCC that not one, not two, but THREE new animated films are on the horizon. For those who have been a little let down by previous DC Universe Original Movies, you’ll be pleased to know they’re trying (frantically) to get it right this time. Warning, there is a teeny weeny (cough, large) spoiler ahead if you haven’t yet seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice…

    superman dc animated movie

    Everyone who saw Superman: Doomsday (the 2007 animated version) knows what a letdown it was. The loose adaptation of the year-long storyline telling of Superman’s death and return got slated by critics. It just failed to hit the mark, on so many levels. However, The Death of Superman finally got some live-action treatment when it featured at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fans were still left a bit disappointed by the whole shebang though, so now it’s time for DC to get it right.

    According to news from SDCC, two new Superman animated movies will be coming in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Firstly, The Death of Superman in late 2018, with the promise of all those fan-favorite moments that were missing from Doomsday. Secondly, Reign of The Superman will come early 2019, although DC are keeping everything close to their chest on what we can expect from his return.

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    As if that wasn’t enough animated DC goodness to warm your cockles, we also got news of a Batman movie coming in early 2018. Everyone knows we’ve got Batman and Harley Quinn as the next DC Universe Original Movie (and if you didn’t know that, you do now). That’s set for a one-night-only cinema screening on August 14, 2017, before heading straight to DVD. This newly announced Batman animated film is taking us all the way back to Victorian Times, with Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, which fans will know kicked off the whole Elseworlds stories (storylines that featured outside the usual timeline or universe of the original DC publications). This epic story takes us back to 1889, with a Victorian Bruce Wayne taking on Jack the Ripper – incredible, right?

    For DC Universe Original Movie fans, it’s going to be a big couple of years. Let’s just hope they’ve learned from some of their previous mistakes and give us the heroes that we deserve…

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