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This Mind Blowing Titanic Theory Explains Why Rose Just Let Jack Die

I’ll never let you go of you Ja…Oh Wait.


    Okay, so let’s just clarify the fact that this is just a fan theory – so don’t worry, hardcore Titanic fans and Jack-to-Rose-weight and door physicists.

    There’s nothing we love more than a theory. No, really. We can’t get enough of them. So when we heard this Titanic theory, we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves.
    We all know the story of the Titanic (which came out 20 years ago by the way, yes you should feel old). In short, Rose meets Jack; they fall in love even though they shouldn’t, the ship hits an Iceberg and loads of people die. Including Jack.

    Or did he?

    One Reddit fan has dissected the movie and came up with the theory that (might) change the way you view the whole movie, and really, the whole existence of the world. According to this fan’s theory, Rose let Jack die because he wasn’t real.

    I know, just take a breather.

    Yep, apparently, Jack was a figment of Rose’s imagination. It’s said that Rose invents her hunky lover during a time of her life where she was unhappy with her existence. She felt lost in her upper-class world and trapped in her social circle. So she invented someone to set her free. And in some ways, this kinda makes sense. Let’s think about it:

    •  Rose meets Jack for the first time just as she was about to jump off the ship into the freezing waters. He almost appears like a guardian angel to save her from her upper-class cage, and even tells her, ‘You’re gonna die if you don’t break free.’
    • At the end of the movie when we see the Titanic treasure hunters, one bearded man (definite Forrest Gump during running phase look-a-like) tells Rose that there was no record of Jack ever existing. He says, ‘We ever found anything on Jack. There’s no record of him at all.’ Ooooh.
    • To this, Rose responds. ‘No, there wouldn’t be, would there. He exists now only in my memory.’ DID ROSE JUST CONFIRM THIS FAN THEORY?
    • There’s also the scene in which Rose and Jack hold on to the floating door for their life. Since this moment, fans have been in uproar about how Rose could let our lovely Leo go (how could she?!) – but if he wasn’t real, he would have been much easier to let go of, considering he had no physical body.

    Well, unfortunately, as much as we love this idea – there’s also evidence to prove that he was actually a real person.

    At the beginning of the movie, we see Jack win his Titanic ticket in a card game, meaning there would be no record of him. Because his ticket would have been in someone else’s name. There’s also the scene where Jack has dinner with Rose’s family – they all acknowledged him and confirmed his existence. Unless they had the same imaginary friend….

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