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This Epic Last Jedi 8-Bit Trailer Was Made on a 33-Year Old Apple

Quite possibly the best thing we’ve seen all year


    Of course, you all know we love all things retro, and we love all things Star Wars – so we’re living for this. If you haven’t seen the Last Jedi 8-Bit trailer yet, then where have you been hiding?!

    This Star Wars: Last Jedi trailer may look a little different to your average movie trailer, because one illustrator made it on a 33-year-old Apple computer (we didn’t even know they still existed).

    Indonesian-born Wahyu Ichwandardi decided to undertake an intergalactic mission to remake the Star Wars trailer using technology from 1984. Just because he can. And it looks darn cool.

    Star Wars Last Jedi 8-Bit Trailer created on a 33-year old Apple computer

    To create the incredible Last Jedi 8-Bit trailer, Ichwandardi made use of his Apple IIc computer, a KoalaPad sketch tablet, and the pretty ancient Dazzle Draw program. Over the course of multiple weeks, he painstakingly traced every single movie frame from the upcoming trailer and retraced them with intricate detail on his drawing tablet. The whole thing took up a whopping 6 megabytes of data that he stored on 48 floppy disks (remember them?!)

    The artist’s own files were then synced with the music from the original trailer to produce the final cut. And it’s amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet then prepare to have your mind blown below:


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