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31 Epic Facts You Didn’t Know About Grease

We go together, like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong


    Although there are countless movie genres out there in the big, wide world, nothing compares to the movie musical. We dare you to change our minds (*sips tea*). While we’re pretty darn obsessed with the likes of La La Land, The Greatest Showman, and basically anything with Zac Efron in it, Grease is by far one of the best musical movies of all time. Set in the ‘50s, this retro film has everything we could possibly want; singing, dancing, costumes, high school, ice cream…and Danny Zuko (swoon). There are few things that go together like ding-a-le-ding-de-dong… but Grease is one of those things. Yep, we kinda love it.

    Grease first came into our lives in 1978, and it’s fair to say that it hasn’t gone anywhere. Sure, John Travolta may have since embraced the bald look, but nothing else has really changed. School proms are still styled with Grease’s summer nights in mind, and we still dress up as Sandy at the fairground every Halloween (to very little success). Grease is a way of life, which is why you should probably get yourself clued up about behind-the-scenes facts and secrets about this movie. You might learn something, you might be surprised, or your draw might literally drop to the floor because you’re so bowled over. I mean, we can’t promise any of those reactions, but we do know that you won’t regret it. Yep, grab yourself some popcorn, pour yourself a soda, wear your Letterman, and check out these 31 epic facts you didn’t know about Grease.

    The Grease Animation

    You may remember that the credits and the intro of Grease was created in an animated format. All of the characters, the hangouts and the props were all in animation.

    This is because the whole film was meant to be an animation. However, the producers eventually decided to go with a live-action movie but kept in these little animation snippets as a nod to this idea.

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