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Things You Didn’t Know About the Godfather Trilogy

We’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse…

    If you haven’t seen the Godfather Trilogy, then you haven’t lived. If you have seen the movies, this article is sure to excite you. I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse… take a look at these things I bet you didn’t know about the Godfather Trilogy…

    There wasn’t supposed to be a cat

    In the opening scene of the first Godfather movie, Vito is seen holding a cat. The inclusion of this cat happened completely by chance, and there was no cat written in the script originally. The director of the movie, Francis Ford Coppola, found the stray cat while walking through Paramount Studios and thought it would make a great extra to the movie, and so wrote it in. Lucky cat…

    Marlon Brando made himself look like a Bulldog

    Before his audition for the role of Don Corleone, Marlon Brando was researching the mafia and decided that he wanted his character to look like a bulldog. To make this possible, Brando stuffed cotton wool in his cheeks for the audition. When he got the part and started filming, they carried this idea on, and Brando spent three hours each day in makeup getting fitted with steel-bar dentures to create his iconic jawline. That’s dedication.

    The Horse’s head scene has a dirty secret

    The horse’s head scene in the first Godfather movie was rehearsed over and over with a fake head. However, when it came to filming, John Marley woke up with an actual horse’s head in bed with him. The crew thought the use of a real head would add authenticity to the scene, and John Marley’s reaction. Well… it worked because his screams were all real.

    There were many full moons

    Although the Godfather Trilogy is gruesome and intense, off-screen, the actors found a way to entertain themselves throughout the filming of the three movies. Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, and James Caan spent their time trying to out-moon each other. They exposed their backsides in the most bizarre of places trying to determine the winner.

    Al Pacino didn’t make that much money

    In movie terms, Al Pacino didn’t make that much money for the first film. He was paid $35,000 for the original Godfather… small change really, isn’t it? This was the same amount as James Caan and $1000 less than his cast mate, Robert Duvall. After his other movie successes, though, Pacino negotiated his pay for the second movie and was paid a whopping $600,000, as well commanding a 10% cut of the gross income from the movie.

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