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The Reviews Are In For Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape Of Water – See What The Critics Have To Say

It’s the modern day Beauty & The Beast…


    If you’ve been following RetroEnt for a while now (you totally should be), you’ll know that we’ve been counting down the days until Guillermo Del Toro’s new movie, The Shape of Water, is released. We’ve watched the epic trailer, we’ve given you the ultimate run-down of everything you need know before the December 8 release date (you’re welcome), and now all we’ve got left to do is watch it! However, many lucky New York City dwellers and a whole host of movie critics have been able to catch a glimpse of the new movie thanks to a limited release on December 1. Although we’re totes jealous of the fact that those fellow movie nerds got to watch The Shape of Water before us, we’ve got some pretty epic reviews out of it. So, it’s not completely devastating.

    Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water has glowing reviews
    We thank the movie gods every day for bringing Guillermo del Toro into our lives – because without him, we wouldn’t have Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Pacific Rim, Blade II, or his adorable Harry Potter glasses (they’re so cute). However, The Shape of Water has been his most eagerly anticipated movie by far, thanks to its unique storyline and its incredible cast. Yep, this movie stars the likes of Sally Hawkins (legend), Octavia Spencer (legend), Michael Shannon (legend), Richard Jenkins (legend) and Doug Jones (legend), and follows the life of a mute cleaner who works in a top-secret laboratory. However, as she scrubs the floor she uncovers a classified experiment, and forms an unlikely bond with the unusual creature swimming in the water. In fact, many have called The Shape of Water the ‘modern day Beauty and the Beast’ – and we’re totally digging that.

    Thanks to the limited screening, critics have already had their say on the movie, and it’s fair to say that this movie now has GLOWING reviews (which makes us even more excited to see it). Yuh-huh, with a score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, we can guarantee that this will be a smash hit in the box-office. Wanna see what the critics really have to say? Check these out:

    Critics have had their say on The Shape of Water

    Magical, thrilling and romantic to the core, a sensual and fantastical fairy tale with moral overtones, it’s a film that plays by all the rules and none of them, going its own way with fierce abandon. – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

    As prodigious as del Toro’s vision and craftsmanship are, it’s Hawkins who gives palpable life to his deepest ideals, and their undertow of longing for connection, not simply as a matter of romantic love, but civic virtue. – Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

    The Shape of Water makes the deepest dive into romance this year of any movie – literally, figuratively and on both sides of the camera. – Peter Howell, Toronto Star

    The Shape of Water is brilliant, but sick – or maybe it’s sick, but brilliant. In any case, it’s something to see. – Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

    Wow-wa-wee-wah. Those reviews are something else. Catch The Shape of Water in theaters from today!

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