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The New Power Rangers Movie Features an Epic LGBTQ Hero

Go, Go Power Rangers!


    The Power Rangers franchise is extremely popular throughout the world, and despite the fact that the first episode of the TV series aired in 1993, the Power Rangers have as big a fan base as they did when they first started out. If you haven’t been locked inside your house for the past few months, you’ll know that a new Power Rangers movie is due to be released on Friday, March 24th. And we’re extremely excited. For two reasons.

    Reason one: It’s Power Rangers. All we have to say is, Go, Go Power Rangers! Reason two: they are acknowledging the LGBTQ community in a powerful way.

    We all know the Power Rangers by their suit colors, and this article focuses on the Yellow Ranger – Trini. Trini is the first ever (ever!) openly gay protagonist in a big-budget superhero movie. And heck, isn’t it about time? Without posting too many spoilers, the scene where the other Power Rangers find out that Trini isn’t straight is a pivotal yet subtle moment in the movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Rangers assume she is having boyfriend problems, and her response will go down in history – she’s actually having ‘girlfriend problems.’ Yes to equality.

    It seems that throughout the whole of the movie, Trini appears to question who she is, and tries to figure out her sexuality – and that’s okay. The movie wants to let young girls and boys who are trying to figure themselves out that they are not alone, and that what they’re feeling isn’t wrong. It gives young girls and boys, teenager, or even adults a character to look up to and to look for guidance. Trini acts as a role model, which others can identify with. Young people always look up to their favorite superheroes, and they have a huge influence on the lives of many people. So the fact that the world has a gay female superhero is just ‘super’ cool. In fact, David Yost (who played the Blue Ranger in the original series) is openly gay himself and says that this inclusion of a gay character is sentiment to the fact that production companies have really stepped up to the plate and got with the times. Exactly.

    Although there are openly gay and LGBTQ characters in comic books like X-Men and on superhero-based TV shows, this is the first time there has been an LGBTQ figure and superhero portrayed on such a large scale in a movie. Go go, Trini!

    But this introduction of an LGBTQ individual in a big blockbuster movie isn’t the first this year. The recent live-action remake of the Disney classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast also included their first openly gay character – Le Fou. The fact that more and more high profile movies and production houses are including LGBTQ individuals shows that the world of showbusiness is taking a step in the right direction and showing that sexuality is normal, and not something to be stigmatized. Finally!

    Kudos to Power Rangers for this pivotal moment in LGBTQ history, and helping change the world…one step at a time! We love you, Trini.

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