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The Most Underrated Harry Potter Characters EVER

Which character do you think deserves the most recognition?

    We all love Harry Potter, right? And we all have our favorite characters. Yours might be the star of the show, The Chosen One. You might love Hermione for her intelligence. Or you might love Ron for his courage. But the Harry Potter saga has so much more to offer than its main characters, and sometimes the most underrated characters can have some of the most profound effects. Check out the most underrated Harry Potter characters, EVER…

    Professor Flitwick

    underrated harry potter characters - professor flitwick

    Professor Flitwick is always overlooked throughout all of the Harry Potter movies. And we’ve come to change that – because he’s a legend. I mean, he’s the Head of Ravenclaw House, so he’s kind of a big deal. But normally, his small size and squeaky voice often find him pushed to the background of all of the goings on in Hogwarts. But Flitwick doesn’t let his size get the better of him. In fact, he was the Duelling Champion when he was at Hogwarts, he protected the castle during the Battle of Hogwarts with his charms and spells and battled some of the darkest and most dangerous Death Eaters. We’d love to have him as our Charms Master. Underrated? We think not.

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