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The Most Jaw-Dropping Hidden Secrets In Disney Movies

Yoo-Hoo, Big Jaw-Dropping Secrets Blowout!

    If you’ve sneezed in the past few years or so, you might have missed the fact that Disney has basically taken over the world. Yep, Mickey Mouse is in charge, and we’re all invited to live under the rule of Moana and Elsa. We just gotta let the past go, you know? Although we’d normally be a little creeped out about the fact that animated characters are ruling the roost, we’re actually kinda okay with it. After all, Disney is life! From animated classics to live-action remakes, Disney are on the ball, and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. One of the main reasons we love Disney movies is that they really are fun for the whole family. They showcase amazing morality stories that entertain kids with their colors and animals, but they’re also fun for the parents and adults watching them. Yep, if you haven’t noticed already, Disney actually slip a few saucy jokes into their movies for us all to enjoy (*wink*). However, it seems these jokes aren’t the only things they add to their storyboards. Every single Disney movie in existence has a little hidden message in it for you all to find. It’s like your very own Disney treasure map. There are some secrets that are easy to spot for those eagle-eyed fans amongst you, but there are also some hidden secrets that just slip through the net. If you hate being kept out of the loop you don’t need to worry because we’ve done the hard work for you! These are the most jaw-dropping hidden secrets in Disney movies…

    Flynn and Rapunzel in Arendelle

    Disney loves to give their characters little cameos in other films. In the hit movie, Frozen, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make an appearance at Elsa’s coronation – how sweet of them! The newly married couple (we can tell by Rapunzel’s short hair) can be seen during the song ‘For the first time in forever’ …We dare you not to sing it.


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